How to Make Your House a Home in Five Steps

You can make your house feel like home without breaking your budget. Follow these five simple steps to brighten your space.   

Arrange flowers.

Flowers spruce up your space and add more color to your home. A bouquet of flowers will also release oxygen to the air and add a fresh scent. Studies show that flowers lower blood pressure and pulse rates, bringing a sense of peace to your home. So next time you go to the store, pick up a few flowers.

Light candles.

Candles help you feel relaxed and refreshed, which is how you should feel at home. If you want to feel peaceful, then light a lavender candle. If you want to feel energized, light a citrus candle. Studies show that lemon scented candles may lower stress hormones. Choose the best candle for your home, but remember to keep it away from children.

Play music.

Music isn’t reserved for parties. Play soft music when you get home to wind down from the day. If you’re children have trouble getting out of bed on time, play upbeat music to wake them up. Create a soundtrack for your home.

Make it comfortable.

Make your furniture more comfortable by adding plush pillows and cozy blankets. Add a rug to make the ground softer. These simple steps will make your home feel more welcoming.

Bring in books.

A house without books looks empty. Stack a few books on your shelves, on your coffee table or on their own by a wall. The books don’t need to be expensive or heavy — pick them up at a used bookstore or a library sale.


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