How To Organize Your Garage In One Afternoon

Your garage doesn’t have to be a dumping ground. Transform your cluttered garage into an open, organized space with these simple steps.

Account for Everything
You may not know what’s lurking in your garage. Before you can organize your space, take the time to toss the trash. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past two years. If you haven’t worn clothes, donate them. If you haven’t refurbished furniture, sell it. If you haven’t read books or magazines, toss them or give them away. Don’t wait until your next garage sale — now is the time to purge. 

Start Sorting
Now that the clutter is cleared, you can consolidate things in your garage. Start by making piles of common items. Make one pile for garden and yard supplies; make another pile for holiday decorations. You can stack your piles on the garage floor, spread them out in the driveway, or use clear containers to organize with ease. Once you see all your items grouped together, you can find the best storage solutions.

Rethink Your Storage
To create more floor space, consider storing some items on the wall. Mount a hanging rack to store gardening tools: rakes, shovels, and hoses. Hang shelves to store pet supplies or holiday decor. Use a wall bracket to hang your bike on the wall. Storing items on the wall will make more space to park your car.

Focus on the Floors
Now that you have more floor space, remove all the dirt and debris from the garage floor. Start by sweeping the floor with a wide broom. Use a large mop and disinfectant to get rid of dirt and bacteria. Then remove grease stains with a homemade cleaner: Mix lemon juice or vinegar with vegetable oil-based soap and scrub the surface. Once your garage floors are clean, you can protect them with mats or rugs. 


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