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How to Recreate a Room with Your Current Furniture

Want beautiful furniture and décor on a budget? Our Design Expert, Meghan Giddens, gives us tips for transforming tired furniture

Design with Meg throw pillows

Add Pillows & Blankets

If a sofa or chair looks tired, add some colorful pillows. “Pillows can be switched each season,” Meghan said.

“You don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can find inexpensive pillows at resales and other stores. Mix patterns, colors, and sizes. Add some texture with velvet and fur pillows.” You can also add blankets for a pop of color and texture. Layer blankets for a comfortable, relaxed look.”

“We had some of our grandmother’s blankets restored and put them in our living room,” Meghan said. “That totally changed the look of our space. We also displayed some blankets from the ’70s. I love the way it looks.”

Add Some Paint

Do you have a dresser or table that looks outdated? Throw on some paint! “If I’m tired of a piece of furniture, I paint it. I usually go with water-based paint because it dries quickly.” You can add a pop of color or paint your furniture a neutral color. “The best part of painting furniture is that you can always change it,” Meghan said. Not ready to paint? Try switching the hardware on the dresser with a modern color like black or metallic.

Add Framed Photos

Sometimes the easiest way to enhance a room is to add photos and sentimental objects. You may not be ready to change your furniture, but you have wonderful memories to showcase.

“I keep photos of my family on display,” Meghan said. “I can’t help but smile when I see these frames.”

Add Some Plants Design with Meg plants

When in doubt, add some plants! Put some indoor plants in a nice pot. Think succulents, English ivy, or a snake plant. “A plant will spruce up any space,” Meghan said. “You can put tall plants in a corner or layer indoor plants with a stack of books.”

Add Some Inexpensive Furniture

Sometimes furniture can’t be restored, and that’s okay! Stores like IKEA or Target offer affordable furniture that will enhance any room. Remember, you can add paint and knobs to change the look of a piece.

Before you buy new furniture, look at what you have and upgrade it. Add color, texture, plants, and photos. Your home is the place where you should showcase memories and more.


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