Reduce Back-to-school Stress with Family and Kids

How to Reduce Stress During Back-to-School Season

The back-to-school season is a stressful time for parents and students. But you can ease pressure by staying organized and planning ahead. Follow these helpful hints before the school bell rings.

Buy Supplies Early
Most schools release their supply list months before class starts. Try to hit the stores before while the supplies are still in stock. If you have time to shop around, you can look for the best prices and coupons on school supplies. Ask your child what colors and patterns they prefer in their folders and notebooks, and then shop for the supplies together.

Set Your Alarms
A few weeks before school begins, encourage your kids to wake up earlier. Start by setting the alarms 10 minutes earlier, and then 30 minutes until your kids are waking up in time for school. This will make the first week of class go smoother.

Make a Meal Plan
Before school begins, ask your kids what they’d like to pack for lunch each day. Practice making lunches so your children will know how to make their own meals. Use this time to discuss how to make a balanced meal full of protein, starches, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats.

Plan the Outfits
Help your kids feel confident for class by planning their outfits with them. Encourage your kids to show their personality through their clothes.

Make a File
Back-to-school season means piles of papers and forms. Prepare for these papers by giving each of your children a file to bring to school. This will show your kids how to stay organized and keep track of papers.

Stay Calm
Kids react to their surroundings, so stay calm and positive about the first day of school. This will ease any anxiety your child feels about the new year.


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