Keep Your Kids in a Routine During School Closures

Due to the coronavirus, many schools have closed and left kids at home. If you’re a parent, you may be scrambling to find fun and educational activities for your kids. Read our guide for keeping children in a routine while they’re out of school.

Learning space

Designate a Learning Area

If you don’t have a playroom or designated learning area, you may need to get creative. All you need is a chair (or a beanbag) and a hard surface to write on. You can also use the dining room table, as long as you clear supplies before you eat. If you have a home office, create a corner where your little one can work.


Model Your Kids’ School Schedule

The more you stick to their typical schedule, the more comfortable your kids will feel. Make sure your child eats breakfast, lunch, and snacks at the standard time. Break up their activities into small chunks of time. Remember: your child’s attention span is much shorter than yours. Most importantly, allow time to go outside (similar to recess) and expend some energy.

Work with Your Kids’ Strengths

Ask your kid if he/she thinks better in the morning or afternoon. Do the weakest subjects when they’re at their best. Also, ask your child if he/she learns better by listening, watching, or using their hands, and then use this knowledge to teach your child the best way. This may be a wonderful opportunity to fill in your child’s learning gaps.

Use All Your Resources

You are not alone in this unplanned homeschool endeavor. These educational websites are offering free lessons and resources:

Also, your child’s teacher should be in communication with you about curriculum. Check the school website for information about assignments and free meals while students are housebound.

Assign Your Older Children to Help Others

Chores list

Children learn more from kids their age. If you have older children, encourage them to tutor the little ones. Your kid may be able to explain the way he/she thinks about a subject or skill. This works best for reviewing past material.

Schedule Time for Chores

If you haven’t created a chore chart or schedule, now is the time. Make sure children help clean their learning area, play space, bedrooms, and more. Kids are very visual, so they need to see the mess and see how to clean it up. This would also be a great time to get your kids in the kitchen to learn basic cooking skills. They can wash vegetables, help measure and mix ingredients, and clean the kitchen.

Allow Time for Kids to Play

When your kids are done with their chores, let them play! This is a confusing time, so your kids need to let off steam. Invitation Homes offer plenty of space inside and outside to play and explore. Children need time to rest and recharge – let them enjoy a break. They can work the next day.

Talk to your kid

Talk to Your Kids about the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is a tricky subject because things change every day. But it’s important to keep your kids calm and informed. has a few kid-friendly articles you can use. Let your children talk and ask questions. It’s okay if you don’t know all the answers for now.



For more tips on keeping your kids safe from the coronavirus, go here.


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