Make Your House a Home: Tips from Our Followers

Make your house a home

We asked our followers to share their favorite memory while staying home over the last few weeks, here’s what they said:

Make your house welcoming

For fresh air we have trimmed all of our bushes, inflated the little blow up pool for our little one to swim in, and gone for lots of walk around our beautiful neighborhood. @lil_roundy0309

Watching my daughter crawl for the first time💗💗💗 @kcunningham54

Rental property allows for our 6ft social distancing. We’re loving our new space! @browsbydeanna

If I go to the store I will ask my sister what she needs and vice versa. That way it is less contact for us. Then we just drop at door! @vinessah79

I love love our little bike rides and the chats I get to have with my kiddos while we are out exploring the neighborhoods. My three boys have gotten stronger, braver, and more confident over this past month and my heart could burst with joy. Yes we have our moments, our quarrels and crashes but it’s all been worth it. @jeniciab

Make your house an office

We asked our followers how they’re staying productive while working from home:

Make your house organized

Plan tomorrow’s day during your nightly unwind time. It lets you get ready for it, have time to see what you missed and be less stressed. Play music in your office that you can work with (everyone is different for the type) Find a “steam” buddy that person you can drink a virtual cup of coffee with and blow off any steam you need. @zanderbear

Use earbuds. Listening to music or a show helps me tune out everything that’s going on on the house. @borfitzj

Take power walks for your break time. The fresh air helps to energize you and you’re less likely to smack and sit idle. When you do need a snack have them all ready to go so you don’t raid the fridge or cookie jar. @happygrammiex5

I have found it best to communicate with my household on my meeting times for work, especially when I know the cal will be big and slow down the internet for everyone else. It helps so my family avoids to use the blender, vacuum, or stream during those times! @kueenkerosene

Get showered and dressed and have a hearty breakfast in the morning to keep a regular routine going. @mrscole131

To keep productivity to a maximum I often take small breaks in between projects or tasks that I am doing. When working from home you start to realize all of the wasted time from socializing in the office. During my small breaks I do things around the house like doing dishes, cleaning floors, hanging pictures. All of these things allow for me to feel like I’m being productive in both my personal and my professional life. @billyhoffman__1227

Stay focused while you are working. Work for about two hour intervals. Then take a 10-15 break in between and if you have kids and dogs like I do, take that time to give them some love and attention.Go outside with them and soak up the sun and play with them. It’s important for them to know that they are important to you. Then back to work…then repeat @hbug18

Make your own space in a quiet area and create a to-do list & schedule. Don’t forget to relax, take breaks…& wear pajamas! @kaitflemington

Keep a routine, lunch breaks, snack breaks, time for fresh air. Actually getting dressed for the day also fuels my productivity @fetchgretch5

Make sure you stay organized, set goals on what you need to get done, take a lunch break and keep in touch with your boss and coworkers via phone or video conferencing. @malahini09

Make your house germ-free

We asked our followers how they’re keeping their home germ-free:

1. Reducing the amount of time I leave the house. 2. Apply hand sanitizer before and after any human contact. 3. Sneezing and coughing into a disposable tissue when possible @jenrenlee

We’re staying home & lots of hand washing! @lre1220

Staying home as much as possible, disinfecting house @mustanghope08

Handwashing, disinfectant spray, and some deep spring cleaning. The plus side is that our spring cleaning is getting a great head start. @mrsmichelle922

Wiping all door handles, remotes, spigots, and soap and hand sanitizer dispensers daily with a Clorox wipe!! It’s a way if life for this germ freak! @proudmom19

I make sure my kids frequently wash their hands and I disinfect all the door knobs and light switches at least weekly. @the.official.boymom

Washing hands, using hand sanitizer, Clorox wipe surfaces, not touching our faces, not touching hand railings. Being more mindful of what we’re touching. @msshellyss

Disinfecting all highly touched areas & items. Staying home & ordering groceries through pick-up. Stay safe everyone! @sherrylyn_berry

Washing my hands more frequently and for longer @luckyclover12123

Make your house a restaurant

We asked our followers what they were making for dinner while staying home, see some of their delicious ideas:

Make your house a fort

Homemade chili and oyster crackers with ice cream sundaes for dessert @lovely1167

Fried chicken with home made potatoes @tanechkabeautifulady

We are cooking up some delicious stuffed bell peppers with a side of mashed potatoes @axm1416

Chicken, steak and shrimp fajitas tonight! And homemade oatmeal cookies for dessert! @mamachar527

Dinner tonight is teriyaki chicken rice bowls! Yum! @lindsaylovesbrian

Mini chicken pot pies made with grands biscuits! @runnergirl829

I’m making blackened baked mahi-mahi, steamed broccolini and brown rice with black and white cookies for dessert @dcessprin

We’re making comfort food – my mom’s chicken casserole. @tdcldcjtc

We made a Mississippi roast in the instapot! @nickschultz24

Make your house a community

We asked our followers how they have been helping their neighbors lately, here’s what they said:

Make your house pet-friendly

I deliver groceries to my grandparents. My grandma leaves me homemade cookies in a ziploc bag & talks to me through the glass. @thejtcraig

I have always been a letter writer. Since the quarantine began, I have devoted myself to sending cards to everyone I know who can’t leave home (such as folks living in assisted living homes) or just friends I know could use a boost @wgkat

A lot of my old buddies are retired and live alone. I like to call them up and chat just to make sure they are doing all right. @papawayne1947

I had a gallon of hand sanitizer that I used to fill empty travel-sized shampoo bottles for friends and neighbors. Left them at their doorstep. @tdcldcjtc

I’ve been asking my elderly neighbors if they need anything from the store & then add it to my grocery pick-up order & leave their groceries in their garage to maintain social distance @sherrylyn_berry

Been working on masks to donate @lisastokoe24

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