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Make Your Patio Reflect Your Personality

Like the interior of your home, your patio should serve as a reflection of you. It’s where you relax after work, entertain friends, and escape from the demands of the day. Invitation Homes is offering the Summertime Style Quiz, which reveals your patio décor personality. With big backyards and plenty of space, it’s easy to make your Invitation Home patio look like you. Keep reading for decorating tips from Design Expert Meghan Giddens.

“Your patio should reflect your personal style,” Meghan said. “Add elements that make you happy and coordinate with each other. Set up your patio so you want to spend time there with friends and family.”

The Summertime Style Quiz determines if you’re The Newcomer, The Lounger, or The Entertainer. When Meghan took the quiz, she got The Lounger, which fits her lifestyle. She and her husband enjoy relaxing on their patio on the weekend, so she turned her patio into a private oasis with bright colors.

“I like to use vibrant colors for my accessories and neutral, timeless furniture,” Meghan said. “We started with a neutral rug, sectional, and fire pit. Then we added color through plants, pillows, side tables, and stools.”

To make the space more comfortable, Meghan threw in some fun jungle prints and pillows covered in palms. She chose this patio fire pit conversation set to have plenty of seating. If you need shade, she suggests this patio umbrella, which is the perfect addition to an outdoor dining area. Meghan also suggests adding some greenery to your dining area to make it more inviting.

Patio umbrellaPatio FurnitureGreen outdoor pillow






“Try incorporating greenery into the dining table centerpiece and any fresh flowers or branches you have in your yard,” Meghan said. “Even succulents or other smaller indoor plants can be temporarily used on the tabletop to add variety. Try to prepare the table before your guests arrive so they can enjoy the setting.”

Meghan advises starting with low-maintenance annuals on your patio this summer. She planted impatiens, vinca, pentas, zinnias, and sweet potato vine. If you want a perennial with color, try lantana, geraniums, or verbena.

“Find hearty plants that will last through the summer,” Meghan said. “We planted annuals that have a ton of fun colors. Place these plants in front of your shrubs, in a planter, or in pots. Remember, annuals only last one season so you want to add to an area you can easily change.”

Test your gardening skills by planting a few annuals in a pot. If your patio is small, bring in hanging plants.

“Don’t forget you can hang a plant from the patio if you are limited on floorspace,” Meghan said. “You will add more visual space by taking the patio vertical. My favorite cascading plants are English ivy, sweet potato vine, sedum, or creeping Jenny. These look great in a pot with impatiens or vinca in the middle.”

Don’t forget to take the Summertime Style Quiz. Whether you’re The Newcomer, The Lounger, or The Entertainer, make your patio fit your lifestyle. Take a picture of your patio and tag Invitation Homes. We want to see how you decorate your space!

Remember, check with your Invitation Homes property management team before making any changes to your landscape. You will also need to check with your Homeowners Association (HOA) to see which landscape additions are allowed in your neighborhood.



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