Meet Cedric, Regional Rehab & Turn Manager

Invitation Homes is changing the way people experience home leasing. We believe our residents deserve a home they can be proud of. The Invitation Homes difference is the convenienceflexibility, and ease-of-mind that comes with a home that is professionally managed. Our dedicated team of professionals are out there every day, making sure we accomplish this goal and provide each resident with the best experience possible.

Cedric C., a Regional Rehab & Turn Manager in Atlantamanages around 6,500 homes in west Atlanta and a team of 13 superintendents that run the rehab and maintenance operations for those homes. As Cedric said, “It’s a big task,” but they still manage to ensure our residents move into homes that are ready with everything they need for a quality home leasing experience.  

“Invitation Homes means a lot to me … it’s more like a family. The environment here is everyone makes you feel welcome; they make you feel loved; and they embrace you.”

“My goal is to get these homes ready as quick as possible and get the resident moved into a place that is clean, safe, and functioning.” Cedric’s dedication and outlook are a large part of what makes us the nation’s premier home leasing company. And it’s his passion for this job and the people we serve that drives the Invitation Homes experience. It provides our customers with a house they can call home, every time.  We asked Cedric what he had to say about working at Invitation Homes: 

What is your favorite part of working for Invitation Homes? 

“My satisfaction is seeing the overall product that we deliver to our residents. Seeing a house come from the beginning of thprocess to something that’s very enhancing. It makes a difference. It’s like your signature. Sign on something, ‘Hey, you know, you did a wonderful job with this house.’ And then also seeing the resident’s face and their comments when they move in and their excitement about moving into a product that we updated and put so much care into. 

What makes Invitation Homes stand out? 

“We are the biggest. We are the best. No question there. We are the biggest and we’re the best. We’re setting the trend with the work order systems, taking care of all our work orders, and the new systems we have in placeWe make things a whole lot easier for our team members. Not only that, but also for our residents with the portals for the resident. It’s like clockwork for me. And what I see with Invitation Homes is just getting better every day.” 

What do you look for when growing your team? 

“I’m looking for people that want to advance, and Invitation Homes is a place where they’ll give you the opportunity. You show yourself, you’re willing to work, you’re willing to put the time in, and you’re dedicated, you can advance very quickly with this company.” 

What does Invitation Homes mean to you? 

“Invitation Homes means a lot to me. If I could sum it all up, it’s more like a family. The environment here is everyone makes you feel welcome; they make you feel loved; and they embrace you. That’s the biggest thing that keeps me around, that family atmosphere we have with employees and a lot of residents as well. They’re family; they make you feel like you’re at home.”  

What is ProCare and what does it mean to you? 

“[ProCare] means a lot. Because, one, it tells you we’re going to take care of our product; we’re going to take care of our homes; we’re going to service it. And it’s all about preventative maintenance, and that’s what it all boils down to. The lifespan that our resident will be living in our home, the house will be taken care of. We have certain deadlines and points throughout the year. Within 45 days, six months, we will have someone come out and look at their maintenance issues; we will take care of our residents.” 

What’s the most important thing to know about Invitation Homes? 

“I’ll tell you one thing: If they tell you they’re going to do something, they will do it. They will honor their word and they’re definitely going to take care of you.”  The homes Cedric and his team oversee become available to lease, every day.

Visit to find homes that are expertly updated and professionally managedInterested in joining associates like Cedric on our team? Check out our job openings. Together with you, we make a house a home.


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