Meet Michael, Superintendent

In more ways than one, superintendents are the heart of Invitation Homes operations. Michael is one of our incredible superintendents in Atlanta. He’s been with us for six years and has worked his way from move-in specialist to service technician to his current position, which he describes best:

“Superintendent is all of my previous roles combined. As a superintendent, you move people in and out and are responsible for the house turn over. There’s communication with residents, HOAs, and then my team of maintenance managers and technicians who are in the field every day.”

From signing the resident promise card when the home is ready for move in and conducting initial resident walkthroughs to providing proactive maintenance care and servicing maintenance requests, Michael is the primary representative of Invitation Homes for our residents. He provides the friendly service that sets Invitation Homes apart.

“As the nation’s premiere home leasing company, I’m constantly striving to make sure we live up to that name.” – Michael H.

As a growing company, we’re constantly looking for new talent to take on roles similar to Michael’s. If you’re motivated, interested in working with talented people like Michael, have a passion for technical work and providing excellent customer service, check out our open positions in your area. We put our team members first and are growing the Invitation Homes family.

“I love the company, and it’s like a family to me,” he said. “We feel like a team, and it’s a good feeling. I like it here.”

We sat down with Michael and asked what he had to say about working with Invitation Homes:

What’s your role at Invitation Homes?

Right now, I’m a superintendent. When I joined about six years ago, I was the first move-in specialist. They had just created the position. Next, I was a service technician, and now I’m superintendent. I’ve been in this role for about a year and a half.

What’s your favorite aspect of being a superintendent?

A lot of it’s good. I get to run vendors; work with the general contractor; and I still get to work with the residents, listing agents, portfolio directors, and HOAs. You get to talk to everybody. We’re all over the gauntlet – we talk to everybody that has to do with that house.

What is the most important thing for someone to be able to do if they are a new superintendent in your market?

Staying organized and paying attention to the details. I’ll have 10 different people working on one house. It requires a lot of communication and keeping very good organization.

From the resident’s point of view, what makes Invitation Homes a premiere company?

The [Invitation Homes] difference is a mixture of service and communicating with residents.

What can you do to make that first meeting a positive, memorable experience?

Smile, be cordial, and be nice. Communicating and getting on the resident’s level. You’re not just running them through – you see them eye to eye and relate to where they’re coming from.

What is Invitation Homes ProCare? What does ProCare mean to you?

ProCare is proactive care. We know certain things are going to come up at certain times and we don’t just leave the resident out there. We see them right after they move in to take care of any little issues, and then from there we have scheduled visits, so they never feel left out or neglected. Plus, they can get online. They can put in their own service requests. They can check the status of them. They can see the little truck coming to their house. It’s excellent because when I tell them about proactive care, they smile and they relate to it because we know certain things are going to come up [with any home], and they are our eyes and ears.

What are some of your favorite aspects of working in Atlanta?

We’re the biggest [Invitation Homes market] and we set the standard. So it’s nice working in the head engine instead of one of the cars. And there’s a lot of diversity. We used to travel very far all the time, but now they’ve got that in fine tune so we’re able to take care of more people and more properties. We can stay within a given area instead of flying all over Atlanta because it’s huge.

Do you have any resident experiences that really stick out to you?

A lot of times I’ll put a resident in a house, and it’ll be a year to two years before they move out, and I get to see them again and they remember me. That’s just a really warm feeling. Especially residents with animals – if you’re nice to their animals then they remember you. That’s probably the best satisfaction: residents remembering you and having a good positive feeling.

I give them my phone number so any time during their stay with us, they can call me. I always try to assist so they don’t feel stuck or neglected. Residents are also able to submit work orders through the maintenance portal any time of day.

What is the best part about working at Invitation Homes?

It’s the difference between somebody that’s just following a schedule and somebody that’s proactive and tries to not miss any details and keeps things organized and keeps open communication with anyone from vendors, residents, and managers because I coordinate managers for residents. It makes a great thing when things fall into place and get done.


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