Seven Gardening Tools You Must Have

Spending time in the garden shouldn’t be a chore – it should be therapeutic and rewarding. If you own the right tools, you will enjoy the process of growing and maintaining a garden throughout each season.


Gloves:  This is the most important tool because it protects your hands from injuries. Gloves are used most when you are pruning and digging in the garden. Keep several pairs of cotton or leather gloves.

Shovel: This versatile tool is best for moving soil and digging in the flowerbed. You don’t need to have a large shovel, but it should be sturdy enough to move soil. Be sure to sharpen the shovel’s blade and store it properly.

Japanese gardener’s knife: This handy knife does several jobs with one tool. You can use it for digging, and planting bulbs; try it for weeding and cutting roots. Try to find a stainless steel knife with a sturdy handle. If you invest in a good gardener’s knife, it will last several seasons.

Shears: This is a must-have for landscaping. Use shears to trim the grass around shrubs and perennials. Shears also help you edge a pathway or catch back along the driveway. Make sure to keep the tool sharp so it is more effective.

Scissors: These are used when dealing with delicate flowers. The blades are best for pruning dead flowers and leaves and cutting twines. Be sure to buy garden scissors – not standard scissors. Garden scissors have different blades that will make gardening easier.

Hand weeder: This tool will save you time and labor in your garden. While you can use your hands to pull weeds, a hand weeder will remove roots deep inside the bed. Look for a two-pronged weeder that will pierce and loosen the soil. If you can, buy one with a soft grip, making weeding easier and more comfortable.

Garden hoe: This tool is necessary to maintaining a well-groomed garden. You can use the garden hoe to dig in the flowerbed, remove tough weeds, and break up soil. Remember to keep the blade sharp to make the garden hoe more effective.


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