Six Steps To Make Your Rental House Feel Like Home

There’s an unexplainable quality that makes a house a home. It’s the ambiance, the feeling the home evokes. It’s the way the residents feel, as well as the way guests feel. The house’s atmosphere is not determined by the furniture or decor – it’s the home’s essence.

Making your rental house feel like a home takes time and intention. It won’t happen overnight, but these six steps will help begin the home-making process.

  1. Only display what you love.
    Remember that your home is a reflection of you, so you should only display what makes you happy. You should collect things that feel authentic and true to who you are, and then display them with pride. If an item does not make you feel joyful and comforted, then lose it. This is your space. Take ownership of it.
  2. Make the most of your space.
    Not every home is the same, which can be both frustrating and beautiful. Take time to examine your home and define what makes it unique, whether that’s large windows, high ceilings or built-in features. Choose furniture and décor that accentuates the best aspects of your home.
  3. Choose the correct colors.
    Your house will not feel like your own if you don’t choose colors that reflect your personality. The colors should make a statement, but also reflect what’s in style. This year, Pantone Color is marsala, the hue of fortified wine. If you want to include the Pantone Color, you don’t need to paint your walls. Marsala is the perfect color for decorative pieces such as table settings and linens.
  4. Display your memories.
    Honor your favorite memories by hanging pictures and portraits of your family. You don’t need to buy expensive frames or have your pictures professionally printed. Instead, try shopping at a retail or thrift store and printing photos yourself.
  5. Mix the old with the new.
    To create a curated look, each room should combine new pieces with antiques. Try pairing new pillows with a hand-me-down couch or adding new knobs to an older desk. This will make the space look richer and more accumulated.
  6. Invest in what you use the most.
    When decorating a home, it’s difficult to decide which pieces to splurge on. Remember to invest in the items you use the most: kitchen towels, linens, blankets, cleaning supplies and certain kitchen appliances. Determine what is most important to you and invest in those items.


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