Spruce up Your Space with These Spring Styles

Spring is officially upon us, which means it’s time to freshen up your space! According to Good Housekeeping, these are some of the hottest seasonal trends. Our Design Expert, Meghan Giddens, identified a few of her lease-friendly favorites that will brighten your space this season.

“This spring, we’re seeing a blend of the old with the new,” Meghan said. “The cookie-cutter look has been replaced with a cozy, lived-in style that has different textures and bold, high-contrast colors. I am loving all the vintage pieces that are in style because you can display family heirlooms or treasures.”

Cozy Fabrics

This trend will make your house feel like a home. Ditch the stiff fabrics and opt for some warm and cozy textures. According to Good Housekeeping, imperfect leather, shearling, and soft textured mohair are making a big comeback this spring. Create an inviting atmosphere in your home by draping a sheepskin throw blanket on your bed or adding a cozy leather chair to your living room. 

Vintage Accents

This spring is the season of throwbacks. Vintage accents are a great way to update any room and make it look well-designed. Bring in the old and incorporate it with the new: try as a glass lamp on your bedroom nightstand, vintage curtains in your living room, or a chair with spooled legs in your office. With these added touches, your home will have a retro flair in no time.

Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is another throwback style that’s popular. This trend will keep your space looking bright and airy, and rattan and wicker can be incorporated in any room. Bring in some wicker dining chairs for a sophisticated yet comfortable look or freshen up your entryway with a rattan sideboard.

Navy Blue

Since navy blue is the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year, this trend comes as no shock. Introduce navy blue in your home to create a traditional or artsy look. And don’t be afraid to go big. Navy is a cool-to-neutral color and works well with many different shades. According to Living Spaces navy blue can take on multiple personalities from moody to elegant, depending on the other textures and styles paired with it. Personalize your home office with a navy blue rug or add patterned navy pillows to your couch for a chic yet cozy style.

High-Contrast Decor

All white décor is a thing of the past; create depth and balance in your home with contrasting pieces. Not only is it visually striking, but contrasting colors pull everything in a room together. And fortunately, the neutral palette of an Invitation Home provides a blank slate for you to personalize your home with colorful furniture and décor. Keep it simple with black decorative books on a white coffee table or go bold with a green couch for an added pop of color in a neutral space. Meghan suggests bringing in contrasting colors with pillow, blankets, and rugs. Shop some of Meghan’s favorites: this blue rug from Wayfair or this yellow chair from Target.

Try out some of these spring styles in your home for added color, shape, and texture. Little touches here and there can make a big difference in any room. Share your spaces on social media and tag Invitation Homes to show us how you’re incorporating these spring trends in your home.


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