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The Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Decorating

You took the plunge and moved into the home of your dreams! The next step is making the space your own by taking a trip to the furniture store. Although HGTV gives us trendy examples of what we would like our homes to look like, when it comes to doing it ourselves, interior decorating can be intimidating. Check out our list of interior decorating do’s and don’ts to get you started in the right direction!

Do: Mix Textures 

If the room feels like it’s missing something, consider adding more texture. Mixing and matching textures will add depth and diversify the space. With a wooden table, fuzzy throw pillows, knit blankets, or a colorful rug, you can’t go wrong!

Dont: Be afraid to use color 

When it comes to interior design, we tend to shy away from bold colors, so we’re not at risk of over-using them. In reality, color is an expression of our personality and a room left without it feels empty. For optimal color balance, a common rule of thumb is to use three colors — one anchor and two accents. The anchor will be more neutral as it takes up most of the space. The two accents can be bright and contrasting helping give the room character.

mother reads to her daughterDo: Layer lighting 

Most rooms are lit by a single, over-head light. Although this ambient light gets the job done, the room is often left with a flat feel. Give the space dimension with varying, angled light from floor or table lamps. If you’re not sure where to put added light fixtures, decide what’s the purpose of the lamp. Is it to light a reading chair, a table, or wall decoration? Soon your space will be filled with the warm glow of layered lighting!

Dont: Buy sets of furniture

A room’s theme should have elements that relate to one another, not necessarily match each other. Too much matching feels forced and artificial. Like the idea of mixing textures, your rooms should have an eclectic feel, with varying furniture pieces.

woman making marks on wall with toolsDo: Measure your space 

Save yourself multiple trips to the store returning furniture that wasn’t the right size, by measuring your spaces beforehand. Record the measurements and bring them with you next time you’re in the market for a large armoire or center table.

Dont: Sacrifice function 

It’s easy to get carried away with filling your space with decorative pieces that really have no purpose except to look pretty. Too much showy furniture can lead to an overly cluttered space, so be on the lookout for furniture both fabulous and functional!


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