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Veteran Spotlight: John A. Ursino

John A. Ursino, Director of Operations for Illinois and Minnesota Markets, knows that in the military, the mission comes first. As Combat Military Police Officer, John learned how to lead a team, work hard, and believe in a mission. Now he applies these skills to his career at Invitation Homes.


While serving in active duty for six years, John earned two Good Conduct Medals, two Army Achievement Medals, and 16 Letters of Commendation. Beyond the recognitions, John learned “how to be a strong leader, how to operate as a team, and make important decisions with little information in an ever changing environment.”

As a leader at Invitation Homes, John supervises, trains, and mentors POD directors. Among his team, he instills the discipline and motivation he learned while serving in the military. John also applies and teaches strategic thinking, another lesson learned in the armed forces.

We are able to adapt to changing situations. We are able to problem solve quickly and creatively,” John said of veterans. “We possess a strong work ethic. Hiring a veteran can result in the hiring of a dedicated employee who has developed valuable teamwork, leadership, and job skills.”

Invitation Homes agrees. That’s why the company created PCS: Invitation Homes, a program offering veterans unique employment opportunities. Veterans have proven they’re committed to a mission, and that’s what makes excellent employees. Invitation Homes believes that hiring veterans is not only right for America — it’s right for business.


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