What Pet Owners Renting A Home Need To Know

Any pet owner will tell you how much they love and cherish their pets. They’re a part of the family and home. That’s why Invitation Homes allows responsible pet owners to lease our rental properties. But before you move in, you should know how to be a good renter and pet owner. Take these precautions to keep your home clean and damage-free.

  1. Keep your pet groomed.
    This is the first step to protecting your home from pet damage. Keep your pet’s hair clean and groomed to protect your carpet and upholstery. Trim your pet’s nails to avoid scratching the floors and furniture. And wipe down your pet’s paws after taking it outside.
  2. Use the right fabrics.
    Keep your pets in mind when shopping for furniture. Avoid fabrics that will destruct easily, including velvet or silk. Instead, choose fabric that will resist stains and are machine washable. If you have a leather couch, consider keeping your pets off the sofa or laying down a blanket.
  3. Clean regularly.
    One of the best ways to prevent damage to your home is to vacuum regularly. You should vacuum the carpet three to five times a week, depending on how much your pet sheds. And you should vacuum furniture once every one to two weeks. This will prevent odor and carpet damage in your home.
  4. Protect your floors.
    Hard-surfaced floors, such as concrete or ceramic tile, are ideal for pet owners. If you have hardwood floors, then be sure to keep your pet’s nails trimmed to prevent scratches. To protect your floors and keep your pets warm, consider placing rugs where they spend the most time.
  5. Walk and clean up after your pet.
    Your pet will be better behaved if you encourage regular exercise. Take them on routine walks and always be sure to pick up after your pet.




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