Wrapping Up 2019, Ready to Run in 2020

As Invitation Homes associates, we strive to do at least two important things every day: serve our residents the worry-free lifestyle they expect from us and make a positive impact in the communities in which we operate.

We consistently seek ways to make our residents’ lives easier through innovative internal processes and services on things they need – like maintenance, as well as things they want – like smart home technology. We also work to be good partners in our communities by hiring local workers, investing in each community, and participating in volunteer projects.

These activities have helped to make 2019 a success – for our company, our residents and our communities.

Finding Ways to Better Serve our Residents

Throughout 2019, Invitation Homes enabled the more than 200,000 people living in our 80,000 homes  to live life on their own terms in some of the most desirable housing markets throughout the country. However, our work doesn’t stop once a resident moves in – in fact it’s just getting started.

We are constantly innovating and working to improve our internal processes and services so that our residents can enjoy a worry-free living experience. A big part of this experience is providing superior service. This is not only good for our residents but also good for our business.

In 2019, we expanded our ProCare Program throughout our portfolio of homes. ProCare is an innovative and proactive maintenance program designed to optimize each touchpoint with our resident and assets. The way it works is simple:  we engage with the home and the resident at certain points in the lifecycle of a lease, allowing us to make any tune-ups needed and to ensure the home meets our standards – and our residents’ needs.

We also focused on the services we offer to our residents in 2019. For example, we continued to add Smart Home technology in more of our homes. This technology provides remote temperature control, remote lock/unlock services, and event notifications. The results are paying off for residents as Smart Home services have been shown to save residents up to 15% on their electric bill. More than half of our homes are equipped with Smart Home technology, and we continue to add to that number.

Serving the Communities in Which we Operate

Community service was another big focus in 2019. Over the past years we’ve invested more than $2 billion improving houses and neighborhoods, and 2019 was no exception. This upfront investment in each home goes a long way toward ensuring our homes are contributing to the aesthetic and home values of any neighborhood.

Beyond our role as homeowner, we are active partners in the communities where we live. Invitation Homes creates and supports jobs across the country by hiring local vendors. We currently employ approximately 1,100 hard-working associates nationwide, and we hold standing maintenance contracts with hundreds of skilled vendors and purchasing contracts with dozens of suppliers across the country.

It’s also important that we foster an internal environment of giving back to our communities.  In 2019, we contributed more than $250,000 to charitable organizations nationwide and our associates spent more than 2,500 hours volunteering in their local communities.

Ready to Run in 2020

As we look ahead to 2020, the Invitation Homes team is committed to building on our past accomplishments and the strategic differentiators that ready us for a bright future:

  • We’ve built a portfolio that is strategically positioned for growth.
  • We’ve put together an innovative team that is dedicated to efficiently providing an outstanding resident experience.
  • We’ve integrated and refined our systems and processes to pursue opportunities to create value and enhance the resident experience even further.
  • We’re experiencing some of the best fundamental tailwinds in all of real estate at our back.

With this reality, we’re “Ready to Run” in 2020. This means that we’re in a great place to capture opportunities for external growth and improved asset management. It means that we can see enhancement of our resident experience through innovations in ProCare, leasing, and the addition of new ancillary services. It means we have the scale to keep investing in local communities. And it means our unparalleled portfolio, platform, and people are positioned better than ever before to capture these opportunities as the nation’s leader in single-family home leasing – for the benefit of our company, our residents and our communities.


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