Your Guide to Growing a Vegetable Container Garden

You don’t need a large yard to grow herbs and vegetables— you can start a container garden by planting in a hanging basket, traditional pot, or window seal box. Follow these simple steps to grow your container garden in time to enjoy summertime vegetables.

Choose a container.

To brighten up your garden, use a colorful pot or box. The container must measure at least 10 inches wide and 12 inches deep to allow enough room for the plant. Some vegetables, including tomato vines, require larger containers. Berries, lettuce, and carrots don’t demand as much space to grow. Herbs can be planted in a smaller plant or window seal.

Fill with soil.

A container garden doesn’t have as much soil as other gardens, so all of the nutrients must be high quality. Fill your container with plenty of rich soil and consider using homemade compost to add nutrients. Compost can consist of grass clippings, eggshells, and paper.

Plant near the light.

All gardens require adequate amounts of sunlight. So your container garden must be stored outside, near a window, or by a glass window. If you see your plants dwindling, then move the container closer to the sunlight.

Start simple.

Most vegetables flourish in the spring, so plant before summer heat hits. If you’re new to growing a container garden, then begin with leafy greens such as romaine lettuce or spinach. With time, you can graduate to growing radishes and cherry tomatoes. If you’re growing herbs, then begin with basil, mint, and parsley. These low-maintenance herbs will complement most summertime meals.

Water well.

If your container garden doesn’t have access to rainfall, then you must remember to water the garden regularly. Different vegetables require varying amounts of water. So do some research and be in the know before you grow.


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