Invitation Homes Skill Up program.

Know the facts

The number of skilled trades workers — people with specialized skills obtained through education or training — has been declining in the United States for years.

Employment in skilled trades is expected to grow 6 percent by 2030¹, with predictions that more than 3 million skilled trade jobs will remain open by 2028.²

Businesses looking to hire skilled tradespeople regularly report shortfalls in eligible applicants, according to monthly surveys by the Federal Reserve.

Invitation Homes maintenance tech conducting a resident move in orientation.

How we're taking action

Through SkillUp, Invitation Homes is investing in the American workforce, providing economic growth, contributing to the stability of infrastructure, and providing opportunities for young people entering an uncertain economic environment. Our efforts are focused in three areas:

Expanding skilled trades education

Engaging our associates

Increasing awareness on the value of skilled trades

SkillUp fast answers

How is Invitation Homes expanding skilled trades education?

We're teaming up with trade schools in our 16 markets, developing deep relationships that will expand skilled trades education and help close the skills gap. Our contributions help provide additional programming, giving students pride in their chosen field, helping kick-start their careers, and setting them on the path to financial independence, security, and stability.

How does Invitation Homes engage associates?

Our team of associates knows first-hand the value of skilled trades. We rely on their skills and knowledge across our communities to help maintain our homes and provide superior service to residents. Invitation Homes’ associates regularly volunteer with a variety of local community organizations, and this program will expand that volunteerism to include our trade school partners and other organizations that regularly benefit from a pair of skilled hands and specialized expertise.

How is Invitation Homes increasing awareness on the value of skilled trades?

Through relevant data and curated content, Invitation Homes is bringing awareness to the skills gap and highlighting the benefits a career in skilled trades can provide. We will continue to leverage our platforms to drive awareness of the value of skilled trades and reframe the conversation around these opportunities.