Homeowners today have many opportunities to explore decorating ideas on a budget.  There are ample resources to choose from, such as researching via the web, through television programs, home improvement stores, magazines and on social media. Do-it-yourself projects can be a big undertaking or a small endeavor based on how much time and money you want and can devote to a project. Sometimes, you may want to make a few adjustments to give your home a new feel without making major investments.  At Invitation Homes, residents are always looking for cost-effective ways to make their house feel like their home.

A good place to start is use what you already have and improve it with a few small tweaks.  Here are a few tips:

Craft it up!

Take a homemade craft or artwork that one of your kids – or you – made and frame it using bold color, or metallic silver, or distress it if you prefer a rustic look.  Or make a new craft.  There are many DIY stores where you can sign up for a class and make a project for your home where the instructor guides your work.

Add a mirror.

Mirrors can make a room look bigger and are a fun piece to add to a hallway or above a fireplace.  You can make an excursion looking for older mirrors at local thrift shops, flea markets, garage sales, artisan markets or discounted home furnishing stores.

Add color with accent pieces.

A nice way to give your home a new feel is to add color. If you have throw pillows on your couch replace them with a bold, bright color – try cool blues, light greens, warm corals.  Look for other accessory items in the same color such as a glass bowl, a vase, a candle or picture frames to tie-in a consistent feel throughout the room.  If you have one large item on the wall that has a lot of colors look for neutral tones that could soften the rest of the room while leaving this as the focal piece.  If your room has an overall neutral look consider using the pillows to introduce a different color or pattern. You could also change the towels in your powder room every season to give it a new look.

Area Rugs.

Adding a new area rug to your entry way, living room, dining room or kitchen can make a dramatic effect with very little cost.  An area rug adds color and warmth.  It can also be used as the center piece to tie all accessories together or even to give a neutral background.

Part of making a house a home is about having the décor reflect you and your family.  So, have fun and make it yours.

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