Working from Home

Boost Your Productivity While Working from Home

While working from home offers many benefits (zero commuting, no office distractions, no need for childcare), it comes with its own challenges. Read our tips for staying balanced and productive while working remotely.

Set up a Space

If you’ve been assigned to work from home, you have the perfect excuse to invest in your home office. You’ll need a desk and chair, computer, and phone. But those are just the basics – the fun lies in creating a space where you feel inspired.

Set up your desk where you can enjoy a view. If you don’t have a window, stack shelves above your desk and fill them with framed photos, art, and plants. Bring in colors, patterns, and textures you love. You can take risks with your home office; hang funky art and introduce bright colors. See more on how to create your home office.

Make a Schedule (And One for Your Kids Too)Create a Schedule

There are two options for setting up your remote work schedule: You can mirror your typical workday schedule, or you can work with your internal clock. If you have a lot of meetings and phone calls to keep up with, then it may be best to recreate your normal schedule. If you are doing focused work, which requires little distractions, work with your internal clock. Decide when your optimal hours are, and then do your hardest work then.

It’s also possible to blend these two schedules. If you have any flexibility with your job, even if it’s a few hours, then reexamine your to-do list. Consider waking up earlier or working after dinner to do focused work.

After you’ve created a remote work schedule, make adjustments to your kids’ schedule. In the morning make sure your children have everything they need. Complete your most complicated tasks while your children are napping or reading. When your kids stick to a strict schedule, you can keep your schedule and get more done. For more tips about keeping your kids busy, read this blog.

Establish a Morning Routine

Try not to work as soon as you wake up. Prepare for the day by taking a shower, enjoying some breakfast and coffee, or exercising. Change out of your pajamas. These small steps will make you more productive throughout the day.

Be Serious about Your Priorities

When you’re working from home, it’s hard to focus on one task at a time. Tackle this problem by writing a weekly to-do list and breaking it up for each day. Do your most dreaded tasks first; otherwise, you’ll feel anxious about it all day.

Take a Break with dog

Take Breaks

Have you ever looked up to see it’s 5 p.m. and you haven’t eaten lunch? It’s best to avoid this when you’re working from home. Regular breaks boost your productivity throughout the day. Make sure you’re drinking enough water (not just coffee!) so you can think clearly. If you’re creating an hourly schedule, pencil in some time to walk around or step outside.


Shut It Down

It’s okay to do some focused work at night if you’re a night owl or you need to wait until your kids go to bed. However, it’s also important to shut down your work and let your brain rest. This will make you more productive when you work again.


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