Many of Invitation Homes’ properties are part of a Homeowners Association (HOA) that provides certain rules and regulations that ensure your neighborhood runs efficiently. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the specific Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (“CC&R’s) that were provided for your HOA as part of your Lease Agreement. As a Resident in an Invitation Home, you are required to comply with the local CC&R’s for your HOA. These restrictions may go unnoticed, resulting in fines being issues. Avoid being “that house” by noting these common HOA violations:

Overgrown Or Dead Landscaping

Ensure that your trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs do not cause drainage issues or interfere with drivers’ sight lines. Also, weeds should never be present in your landscaping. Prevent weed growth by following these suggestions:

  • Make a well-stocked border in your plant bed to prevent annual and  perennial weeds from growing.

  • Routinely check for weeds growing at the seedling stage.

  • Once identified,  remove the weeds by hand or with a garden hoe.

  • When pulling weeds, ensure the entire root has been removed to prevent  further growth.

Improperly Parked Vehicles

All vehicles must be parked in the driveway or garage – never on the sidewalk, yard, or in the way of pedestrians. Any vehicle that is improperly parked will be towed at the resident’s expense.

Overly Exposed Trash Containers

Trash containers often must be stored in the garage, and never in the driveway or in common areas. Place all trash containers on the street for pick-up, but never prior to the night before collection. Ensure all trash containers have been returned to storage by the last night of pick-up.

Excess Debris or Grease Stains

Residents are expected to power wash their property to remove dirt, oil, and rust stains. You should routinely clean your driveway, mailbox, and sidewalks to prevent avoidable damage. To power wash the exterior of your home, use a residential pressure washer . Be sure to sweep all of your surfaces, including driveways and sidewalks, before using a pressure washer. If your driveway has persistent grease stains, then scrub degreaser into the concrete before power washing.

Untimely Holiday Decorations

Remove Holiday decorations within a reasonable amount of time (approximately 10 days). Be aware of this regulation while decorating for the holidays, and plan ahead by preparing for storage. Keep the packaging that your decor arrives in; fill the storage boxes with all the supplies needed to pack away decor, including sandwich bags, tissue paper and boxes.

Poor Pet Etiquette

As a resident, you must take responsibility of any pets by walking them on a leash and disposing of waste properly. This will keep your neighborhood safe and clean, and help you train your pet.

Reckless Residential Driving

While driving in your neighborhood, you must always maintain the speed limit and watch for pedestrians crossing the street. These precautions will ensure the safety of all residents in and out of the vehicle.

The above items are suggested as best practices for most HOAs. However, your HOAs CC&R’s and State Law will vary and have specific requests with which you will need to comply.

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