At Invitation Homes, we believe you should feel proud of your home. When you have guests over and your family visits from out of town, you should be excited to show them where you live. Your home can, and should, be an expression of you, which is why we make sure all our homes are updated.

A Home to Be Proud Of

We provide homes that people want to live in. So you know that when people walk by your house, they are wishing they lived there.

Here are some curb-appeal friendly features that are commonly found in many of our homes:

  • Two-Car Garages

  • Covered Porches

  • Charming Walkways

  • Large Trees and Shaded Lawns

  • Easy Access to the Backyard

  • Extended Drives

  • Stunning Landscaping with Garden Beds and Hedgerows

A Yard to Show Off

Leasing a home shouldn’t mean you have no control over what it looks like. One of the most enjoyable parts of living in a house is being able to add character, both indoors and out.

As long as your additions and creative projects are within reason, and your property manager approves the idea, your yard is yours to cultivate. Here are some ideas for making your front yard shine:

  • Fertilize your lawn and keep the grass kempt and green.

  • Add potted flowers along your walkways or near your doorstep for extra color.

  • Hang seasonal decorations around the doorway.

These are just a few ideas for maintaining the most eye-catching front lawn – there are many more available for you to explore. That’s the great thing about living in an Invitation Home: you make our house your home, which means it’s yours to make your own. For more tips on lawn care and maintaining curb appeal, read our blog here .

As you’re beautifying your home, read our Resident Responsibilities to see what’s expected from you as a resident. And for more information on Invitation Homes and our curb-appeal listings near you, check out invitationhomes.com .

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