Finding an activity the whole family can enjoy, while also trying to remain safe during the pandemic, can be challenging.  If you’re like us, one activity we miss the most is going to the movies. However, we don’t miss the expensive fees or skipping scenes to go to the restroom with the kids. That is why we came up with an easy, inexpensive solution – family movie night at home! Keep reading below for tips on how to create the best family movie night that will make you forget all about going to the theater.

Pick out the Movie Ahead of Time

This is probably the most important piece of advice we can offer. We know it’s hard to please every family member, so try to get the approval for the movie in advance. Ask for requests and then narrow it down from there. You can even go by genre. One night could be comedy and another could be action! This will help narrow down the choices. If you can’t reach a unanimous agreement, make it a double header or save one movie for another night.

Make It Cozy

Nothing is worse than being in an uncomfortable chair in a cold movie theater, so watching from home is a game changer. Make your movie-watching space nice and cozy with ample pillows, blankets, and plenty of room to stretch. You can even create a large pallet on the floor for the kids to sprawl out. Put on your cozy clothes and enjoy the movie from the comfort of your home.

G et the Snacks

Arguably everyone’s favorite part of going to the theater is picking out candy and popcorn. However, paying for it is probably everyone’s least favorite part. This is the real money saver when you watch a movie at home. Ask everyone ahead of time for candy and drink requests and make plenty of popcorn. You can even set up a makeshift snack bar so that everyone can fill up on all the candy, popcorn, and drinks they desire. Get creative with personal popcorn buckets and candy jars !

Enjoy the Movie

Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the movie with your family. No devices or distractions. Downtime is few and far between these days, so it is important to take some time with family to enjoy one another and be stress-free. You and your family will look back and cherish this quality time spent together.

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