How to Beat the Back-to-School Blues

It’s always with a heavy heart that we say farewell to summer vacation. After three months of sleeping late and sunny days spent by the pool, welcoming the new school year is never easy. The vacation is over but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Leave first-day jitters at the door and keep the excitement going all year long with these tips for beating the back-to-school blues!

Start your school routine the last week of summer 

Having a routine practiced and prepared before school starts is crucial. Nothing is worse than waking up late the first day of school, combing the house for their lucky shirt or favorite bow, and then somehow preparing a balanced breakfast despite having skipped the grocery store run the night before. Avoid the chaos and eliminate unnecessary stress by implementing the new school routine a week before the big day. Not only will this give the late-sleepers of the house time to adapt to early mornings, it will also help keep you organized and prepared for whatever curveball the first day of school tries to throw your way.

Back-to-school shopping

Back to School Shopping
Nothings alleviates back-to-school nerves quite like retail therapy. When it’s time to go back-to-school shopping, let your kids pick out their own school supplies and dress themselves for the first day. Giving kids the control will leave them anxiously awaiting the first day, so that they may showcase their unique style and personality.

Back to schoolMake lots of time for friends 

Summer camps, visits to grandma’s house, and family vacations often leave kids with little to no quality time with friends during the summer. A new school year brings new classes, new people, and new friends. Encouraging kids to maintain friendships built inside the classroom is crucial for developing social skills and a sense of belonging in the chaotic school environment. After all the homework is finished, host a movie night or offer to chauffeur everyone to the park for some needed relaxation and play time.


There’s a reason behind recess. No, it’s not to give teachers a break. Exercise is vital for proper brain development in children. Making sure your kids engage in some form of physical activity will increase their energy levels, help them develop healthy habits, and keep those endorphins pumping. The more time kids spend getting active, the happier they’ll be!

Highs & lows

Getting a response other than “fine” when asking how your kids day at school was is like pulling teeth. Make the conversation a little easier by turning it into a game that can be played on the ride home from school or around the dinner table with the whole family. Each person takes a turn sharing the best and worst part of their day. This quick and easy game will allow for deeper discussion of problems your children could be facing. Stay in the know with highs and lows!




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