Costs can add up when you go on a trip, so it may be best to enjoy a staycation this spring. Keep reading for a list of staycation ideas that are just as fun as leaving town.

Unleash Your Inner Child

Check out all of the activities you used to love but forgot about over the years. Go to a roller rink you haven’t visited in ages or play laser tag with friends. Find a place where you can drive bumper cars or go bowling. Whether you’re bringing kids or going with a friend, you will enjoy a blast from the past.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Have a picnic in a park on a beautiful day. Go on a hike if you live by a park or trails. Play an outdoor sport like basketball or soccer. These are all great activities that will get you fresh air and get your body moving. Make sure to pack enough food, water, blankets, and weather-appropriate gear.

Camp Out in the Backyard

Kids love the idea of sleeping outdoors, so this is a great way to go camping. Bonus: You can use the bathroom indoors and grab more supplies from your home. Add s’mores, which can be made in your kitchen, and you’ve got a fun, memorable night!

Become a Bookworm

When you and your family are busy, you may not have time to read for fun. If you’re enjoying a staycation, bring some books into the mix. Take your kids to the local library and fill a bag with books. Read a book with your kids and friends so you can discuss your favorite characters. After reading a few books, your kids may see a boost in their reading level.

Take Your Pet on the Town

Spend your staycation bonding with your pet. Take your pet to a local dog park or bring your furry friend with you while you run errands. The following spots welcome dogs:

Half-Price Books


Barnes & Noble Starbucks (Depending on the location, your pup may need to stay on the patio. Be sure to get that dog a puppuccino .)

Pet Stores

Plan a Decadent Meal at Home

During your staycation, plan a three-course meal for you and your family. If you have kids, ask them to help you plan the menu and cook the meal. Set the table with your finest dishes and placemats. After the meal, enjoy a movie night or card game.

Catch Up on Chores

While this may not sound fun, it will feel great to see your home in tip-top shape. Assign your kids chores and make it a game. You can take them out to eat ice cream or buy some spring clothes as the reward. For help with assigning and completing chores, see this video.

While you’re working on the house, prepare it for spring. Test your smoke alarms, replace your air filters, and test your AC unit. Then kick back and relax!

Your staycation can be as wonderful as an extravagant vacation. You can still make memories and enjoy family time at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can enjoy some extra rest in your own home.

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