Looking for a fun way to motivate your kids to get some fresh air? We’ve got you covered with a neighborhood scavenger hunt the whole family can enjoy. At Invitation Homes, we want you to love the community you live in and we value providing quality homes in desirable neighborhoods. And what better way to explore your neighborhood than with a friendly competition? Keep reading to find a neighborhood scavenger hunt that is sure to get your kids up and moving. Most importantly, get creative and have fun. Think of all the treasures you’ll find!

How it works:

Step 1:

Print a copy of this sheet for each participant. This will serve as the item checklist for the scavenger hunt.

Step 2:

Set boundaries. Make sure each player knows which areas of the neighborhood are fair game and to not trespass onto private property.

Step 3:

After each participant receives their copy of the scavenger hunt, it’s game time! Players must find and bring back every item from the checklist to win. Participants can also use a cellphone to take photos of the items they find, if preferred. If you have younger children, you can have them point to the objects as you mark them off.

Tip: Don’t get stuck on a particular item. If you can’t find an object, move on to the next. You don’t have to complete the scavenger hunt in order, and you may find that one tricky item when you least expect it.

Step 4:

The first person to find one of each item from their checklist wins!

Bonus: Heighten the stakes by adding a reward for the winner such as candy, extra screen time, or money.

Download the printable scavenger hunt here.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt:

  • Something yellow

  • A flower

  • Something shiny

  • A multicolored rock

  • Something purple

  • A v-shaped twig

  • Something rough

  • Something smooth

  • An acorn

  • A piece of litter

  • Something red

  • A weed

  • Something rectangular

  • A piece of mulch

  • Something that starts with the letter ‘A’

  • Three different kinds of leaves

  • Something blue

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