Once a children’s bedding company, Addison’s Wonderland has since evolved into a home décor, lifestyle and fashion blog inspired by Brittany Hayes’ favorite client, her daughter, Addison. Brittany shares how a splash of color, a bold pattern and some personality can light up a room and more importantly – make it home. Read the interview below and don’t forget to check Instagram and Facebook for more Make it Home tips from Addison’s Wonderland.

When did you know you had a knack for design?

I have loved design and, in particular, all things color and pattern for honestly as long as I can remember. My mom always jokes that my whole life now totally makes sense because I would pick out the funkiest outfits ever. I think I just didn’t really know what interior design was until I was a sophomore in college and I came across the design school and it was just over after that. I knew that’s what I needed to do and what I was meant to do.

What was your biggest design mistake?

My biggest design mistake is always not going with my gut. Not that I always make the perfect design decision, but it steers way off course when I spend way too much time on Instagram and Pinterest and my ideas start to come from others’. Really, I feel like it’s best when I just go with my gut, do the things that I love and stick with what I’m good at and everything just kind of comes together from there.

What do you look for in a home?

The one thing that I personally look for in a home is that X-Factor— the charm that you really can’t buy or create in a space. I love funky floor plans and just fun architectural elements and just all the little things that make a house unique.

What was your first home like?

My first home was an explosion of the all things that I loved: color and pattern. It was me on an extreme budget, DIY-ing all the things and just trying out everything in one small space.

What makes a house a home?

I think a house truly becomes a home once it’s layered over time. I think it really does take time for a space to truly come together. You start out with the functional pieces, add some decorative elements, and then layer the final touches with the things that mean something to you and the things that you love. Learn more about the Make it Home Show House and follow along with our designers here .

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