We chatted with Brittni Mehlhoff, blogger and designer for Paper + Stitch , to find out how she makes a house a home.  As someone who loves to constantly change up a room, Brittni shares how the little things go a long way. Read the interview below and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more tips on how to Make it Home.

What makes a house feel like home to you?

Personally, I’m a sucker for details. So, I like to switch out as many things as I can that don’t feel like ‘me’, from light fixtures to paint colors, even down to the cabinet door handles. And yes, I do this even when I’m renting, as long as I have landlord approval. When it’s time to move out, I switch everything back to the originals and take the items I purchased with me to the next place.

How often do you redesign/decorate?

I am always redecorating our home - whether it’s switching out artwork, adding new plants, or something more drastic like painting or adding removable wallpaper. I like the idea of our home constantly evolving with us.

When designing a room, where do you start?

Typically, I start with a basic plan for how I want the room to function and how I want to feel in the space. For example, I wanted my current dining room to feel cozy and communal - some place that the three of us could sit comfortably for meals AND somewhere I could also host a dinner party. So, we found a vintage eight-person table that is big enough for guests, but still feels cozy enough for my husband, Hayes, and I to all sit on one end for breakfast. We also brought in a vintage Moroccan rug and a minimal wood veneer light fixture to make the space feel cozy and inviting.

How do you decorate for holidays and season changes?

The way I decorate for the seasons is very minimal. I’ll switch out pillows and other textiles around the house for more seasonal colors and patterns when the mood strikes me. Other than that though, I only really decorate for a few holidays - Christmas being the main one. Typically, I still try to keep things minimal, with a tree and fresh garlands to decorate the front porch and inside going up the staircase.

How important is the exterior design of your house?

When you’re renting, or even when owning a home, the exterior may not be important to some. You do mostly live on the inside of the house after all. For me, however, I’m big on curb appeal. I like to drive up to the house I’m living in and feel good about it. I want it to feel like home. So, little things to help with that could be something like adding planters to your front door, adding a place to sit on the front porch if you have one, etc. Even a cute doormat you love can really help! It can be very simple.

What was your biggest design mistake?

Oh gosh. I’m sure I’ve had many. I think one mistake I made when I was younger that stands out was catering my style to what I could afford instead of waiting until I could afford what I really wanted, that actual suited my style. Once I realized what a mistake this was, everything changed for me. We started saving up for big ticket pieces I love and have brought them with us from home to home.

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