Just like the blogger herself, Rhoda Vickers’ designs are warm, welcoming and personal. Rhoda opens up about how she and her husband make their house feel like home and offers advice on where to start. Read the interview below and follow along on Instagram for more Make it Home tips.

What makes a house feel like home?

Well a house feels like home when I surround myself with things that I really, really love and putting heart and soul into a house decorating project is the best way to get a personalized home and one you absolutely love. So, I’ve been collecting lots of things over my lifetime that I’ve been blogging and decorating a house. And it’s been so fun to just personalize everything in our house, we’ve been in our house almost two years. My husband is part of the process of decorating now and we both enjoy decorating and putting ourselves into our home. So, this house definitely feels like ours now because we’ve put our stamp on it in every single area.

What was your biggest design mistake?

Well I really have to think about that. I don’t feel like I’ve made a ton of decorating mistakes although I’ve certainly grown and evolved over the years. My style has been honed even more since I started blogging and figuring out what I really, really love. I stick to classic design for the most part. That’s what I feel most comfortable in, but I love pops of color. I love lots of color and texture in my house.

If someone could do one thing to change the look of a room, what would it be?

My first, number one thing I tell someone to do if they’ve moved into a new house is to paint. If you can paint the walls and change the color somehow, that makes all the difference in the world.

When designing a room where do you start?

I think paint is one of the very first things you can do to change a room. But before you paint, you always want to look at your fabrics and rugs and what you have in the space. I usually use a fabric or a rug as a starting point for pulling out colors and textures and all of those things that I want to spread around the room and I choose a paint color from there, accent fabrics and pillows and accessories that you have from those colors, so that’s a great starting point. If you have a beautiful rug or piece of fabric, a pillow or something that you love, start there, and you’ll create a very pretty room using all of those colors together. Learn more about the Make it Home Show House and follow along with our designers here .

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