As the nation’s premier home leasing company, Invitation Homes is proud to provide high-quality homes for nearly 80,000 American families. We play a small but important part in the nation’s overall housing market by providing choice, flexibility, and professional service to the growing share of Americans who are opting not to buy a house.

While people have always looked to their homes as an important place to recharge, these last few months have magnified the necessity of having a safe and functional home that can also serve as an office, a school, a restaurant, a movie theater, a fitness center, and more. We are honored to provide that safe haven for our residents. We have set up flexible payment options for our residents who have notified us that they have been financially impacted by the pandemic, so that they can continue to rely on the comfort of their homes during this unusual time.

We pride ourselves on being a good neighbor in each of our 16 markets by employing local professionals, hiring local trade vendors, buying from local businesses, contributing to the community by donating money and time to local non-profits, and making significant investments in our homes. Our goal is to lift up each community by boosting the local economy while serving our residents.

Hiring Local Workers and Partnering with Local Businesses

We believe you’re only as good as the people you hire and that’s why we are able to attribute much of our success to our fantastic local associates along with the vendors we’ve worked with over the years. We currently employ more than 1,100 hard-working associates across the country and contract with hundreds of professional service vendors nationwide. We also hold standing maintenance contracts with hundreds of skilled vendors and purchasing contracts with dozens of suppliers.

Our associates, vendors, and suppliers are all vital members of the Invitation Homes team as they help to ensure our residents’ needs are being addressed in an efficient and professional manner. They know their local neighborhoods better than anyone, and we are pleased to have them contribute to our success as a company.

Contributing to the Aesthetic and Home Values of Local Neighborhoods

Our ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional experience for our residents, which is why our top priority is taking care of our homes and ensuring they meet our standards. On average, we invested about $38,000 into each of our newly acquired homes in 2019 and have invested more than $2.3 billion over the past nearly eight years. These investments keep our homes in great shape and help to raise home values in local neighborhoods. We also paid more than $295 million in state and local taxes in 2019; money that was invested back into local schools, roads, and social services.

Community Impact

We’re actively engaged in a broad range of community and philanthropic activities in our 16 markets, contributing about $250,000 nationwide. We encourage each of our associates to be active in their communities with 20 hours of paid volunteer time each year. Our more than 1,100 committed associates nationwide work hard every day to ensure that our residents have an exceptional experience living in our homes. These same associates are active and generous members of their communities.

We are proud to operate in 16 great communities around the U.S. and to provide Americans the opportunity to live in homes with features they value, such as proximity to jobs and access to good schools. Our 2019 cumulative impact across those 16 communities includes the following:

  • Invested $356 million in maintaining or improving our homes

  • Supported 2,171 local businesses

  • Employed 1,140 full-time associates

  • Generated $119.5 million in local income

  • Paid $295.9 million in property taxes

Click here to view our impact in each of our communities. We’re excited to continue our role as a good neighbor in 2020.

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