If you rent a smart home with Invitation Homes, you have access to security and energy management through the convenience of your smart phone and other devices. Not only are Smart Home features both cost and energy efficient, they’re also easy to access and simple to use. Below is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up and use your Smart Home.

How to Set Up Your Smart Home

By now you should have received an email from SmartRent with an activation link to set up your account and create a password. By default, your username will be the email address you’ve provided to your property manager. If you have not received an email, please reach out to your property manager to help set up your account. After you set up your account, download the SmartRent app so you can control your lock, thermostat, lighting and more from anywhere in the world!  

Connect your hub to WiFi 

Connecting your hub to your local WiFi network is a great way to ensure your devices update quickly and effectively from your SmartRent mobile app. Electing not to connect the hub to your home network could result in feature and functionality restrictions.   

  1. Open the app and tap on the More menu 

  2. Tap on Settings  

  3. Tap on Network Settings 

  4. Tap on WiFi 

  5. Follow the in-app instructions for connecting to your WiFi network  

After completing these steps, the app will attempt to establish a connection. Once that connection is complete, you will see a success message in the app and your hub will be connected via WiFi.  


If you need additional help, contact Smart Rent support at (844)-479-1555 or email [email protected] .  

Door Lock

There are two options to lock or unlock your door. The first option is to manually type in the door code sent to you after installation. If you have not received your code, contact your property manager for further assistance. The second option is to use the SmartRent mobile app to create a code once you have activated your account. 

  • To Unlock: Enter your code that was emailed or texted to you, or the code you created within the app. 

  • Press the checkmark: After you enter your code, press the check mark in the lower left corner to unlock your door. 

  • To Lock: Press any key. When you leave, press any key or use your app to lock your door.

More info can be found at smartrent.com/support/lock or call (844)-479-1555. 

Control Your Lock

One of the most beneficial aspects of your Smart Home is ease of access. Just follow these three easy steps to enter your Smart Home:

  1. Press the “checkmark” on the smart lock.

  2. Enter your personal code.

  3. Press the “checkmark” once more.

And to lock the door, all you must do is press any key on the smart lock while the door is unlocked. That’s all there is to it.

Your Thermostat

Controlling your thermostat via the mobile app is easy. Simply drag your finger across the temperature gauge or tap the plus or minus signs to set your desired temperature and the thermostat will update to your chosen setting. It may take up to 30 seconds for your physical device to register changes made in the app.   

Operating Your Device 

  • To turn the thermostat off completely, tap OFF 

  • To turn on your heater, tap HEAT and set your desired temperature

  • To turn on your air conditioning, tap COOL and set your desired temperature 

  • To keep your home temperature regulated, tap AUTO and set the range of temperature you wish to keep your home between using the plus and minus signs 

Other Devices 

Smart Plug

Ask your property manager if your home would be compatible with the Alloy Home smart plug. This device is a great way to conserve energy and automate lighting for your home all from the app.  

 For more detailed instructions on how to work every aspect of your Smart Home technology, reference the SmartRent User Guide, which is provided to you upon account registration.  

If you have misplaced your SmartRent User Guide, or if you need further assistance with your Smart Home, contact your property manager and they will be happy to help.  

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