If you have a pet, you know they are family. That’s why Invitation Homes welcomes pets. As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your pet healthy and happy and your homes free from damage. Keep reading for tips on how to have a happy pet and a happy home!

Establish a Schedule

Your dog needs to be let out regularly, so you may need to go home during the day or ask a friend for help. You can also hire a local service to help with your pet during the day. Set up a daily routine so your dog knows when they can expect to be let outside. If you have a cat, make sure the cat litter is accessible when they need it.

Always Have Cleaning Supplies Ready

When it comes to pets, some accidents are out of their control. When that time comes, make sure you have plenty of paper towels, old rags, and cleaning supplies to clean up quickly. Lease-Friendly Tip: Purchase a machine-washable rug! Not only will this add a new design and texture to your space, it will also serve as protection for your floors when an accident happens. This is a stylish yet practical solution for when your pet gets sick or has an accident. Look for a deodorizing product made for cleaning up after pets. This will get rid of the odor and prevent your pet from having an accident in the same place.

Be Prepared

This can mean giving a trustworthy family member or friend a key for pet-related emergencies. You never know when you might get stuck late at work or get a flat tire and can’t make it home as soon as expected. Also, consider investing in a camera so you can keep an eye on your four-legged friend when you’re gone.

Always Pick Up After Your Dog

Make sure to carry pet waste bags with you on walks around the neighborhood with your pet. There is nothing worse than dirtying up your favorite shoes when you least expect it. Be a courteous neighbor and pick up after your pet.

Stop Messes at the Door

Setting up a small clean-up station at the entrance or backdoor will help you prevent cleaning up messes throughout the house later. Try leaving a towel or paw cleaner by the front door to stop dirty paws in their tracks.

Keep Noise Under Control

If your pet is loud, see what the problem is before it becomes an issue with your neighbors. Dogs can act out if they’re not getting enough exercise. Or they may need more toys to keep them occupied. You may need to take your dog for an extra walk or stock up on pet toys. Do what it takes to keep your dog happy.

Dog Bite Prevention

As a dog owner, you have the responsibility to prevent your dog from harming others. If your dog gets overly excited when visitors come to the door, make sure that the dog is secured in another area before inviting visitors inside. Socializing your dog also helps them become less frightened and act out. Before taking your dog on a walk or to the dog park, know their triggers and if you feel it may be an uncomfortable situation for them, leave your dog at home. Check out this infographic for more tips to prevent dog bites. By giving your pet attention and love and planning ahead, you will prevent the majority of headaches that come from being a pet-owner. Follow these tips so you can live in a happy and clean home with your favorite furry little friend.

For more information about having a pet in one of our homes, head over to our Pet-Friendly Homes for Lease page.

Please contact your property management team or refer to your lease agreement for more information on pets.

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