One-time fees, if applicable

One month's rent deposit, plus up to $375.75, depending on your situation.

$50 application fee per applicant at time of application

Non-refundable fee to cover overhead costs associated with Landlord’s review of the application per applicant.

Refundable security deposit at time of lease signing

One month’s rent deposit to hold the home, which may be returned at move out less resident damages.

$25.75 utility move-in/move-out fee

Charged by the utility management company for utility set-up/disconnection.

$300 pet fee per pet at time of notice of pet occupancy (if applicable)

Refundable fee for approval of a dog or cat (that is not a documented support animal) at the property (limited to three pets).

Required monthly fees

In addition to base rent, up to $58.30 per month based on the following:

Up to $40 Smart Home fee

$30 or $40 if equipped with a video doorbell, charged to provide mandatory smart home technology such as remote lock and thermostat control. The Smart Home Fee is only charged if the home is equipped with smart home technology.

$9.95 Air Filter Delivery fee

Charged to provide the mandatory service of air filter delivery to the home (if the home is equipped with an HVAC system).

$8.35 utility admin fee

Charged for a utility management company to manage water, sewer, and trash services on the resident’s behalf.

Up to $85 internet package fee

Charged to provide high-speed internet and media streaming/cable services.

Additional monthly fees, if applicable

In addition to base rent and the required monthly fees above, up to $180.50 (assuming you have 1 pet).

$40 pet rent

This is charged monthly for each dog or cat (that is not a documented support animal) to occupy the property. Pet Rent is charged for each pet (up to 3 pets allowed).

$120 pool service fee

Charged to provide maintenance for the pool if a pool is located at the property.

$10 group insurance fee

Charged if the resident fails to obtain the required personal liability insurance. The resident is enrolled in a Home Liability policy insurance program.

$5.50 group insurance admin fee

This is charged to cover overhead and administrative expenses for placing residents in a Home Liability policy insurance program.