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Your comprehensive entertainment package

Enjoy Spectrum’s fastest available internet and access to the Spectrum TV app.


Up to 1 Gig*. No data caps. Modem & router included**


200+ available channels.** 85,000+ On Demand titles. ESPN+ and Disney+. Stream live and On Demand with the Spectrum TV app.

Internet package fast answers

What is included in the internet package?

The Invitation Homes Internet Package includes a 1 Gig internet plan and 200+ TV channels, which can be enjoyed at home or on the go with the Spectrum TV app.

The package includes a modem & router, which will be automatically sent to the Invitation Homes house upon enrollment. It also includes up to two (2) HD receivers, which can be ordered by calling the Onboard Dedicated Support Hotline at (813) 851-4238.

Additional HD receivers beyond the two (2) units included in the package can be ordered at an additional charge. If additional ports need to be installed, charges will be billed directly to the Resident. Residents can also stream content on most streaming devices using the Spectrum TV app, following enrollment with Onboard.

What fees are associated with the package?

Eligible residents can enjoy high-speed internet and video access in their homes for $85 per month charged in addition to the monthly rent. Additional fees may apply for upgraded products or services. Residents will see the fee added to their monthly ledger one month after activation and will enjoy a price lock guarantee for the duration of their lease term.

What if I pay less for my current services?

Current residents who opt into the Invitation Homes Internet Package are eligible for price matching through your current lease. That means you can continue to pay your current rate and start receiving the services included in the package. You can apply your price match by submitting a copy of your current provider invoice in your resident dashboard.

Who is eligible for the package?

New and renewing residents living in eligible properties are automatically enrolled in the package. Current residents living in an eligible home can opt in prior to lease renewal.

How do I get started?

New Residents: The Spectrum equipment should be located in the primary bedroom closet upon move-in. In some cases, equipment could already be plugged in and ready for activation.

Current Residents: After receiving an invitation to enroll from Invitation Homes and/or Onboard, current residents will sign an Internet Package addendum to their lease, activate their account, and order any necessary equipment via Onboard. Once enrolled, current residents can typically start enjoying the service within 2 weeks.

Renewing Residents: Services will be available to you at the start of your renewal lease. Prior to the start of your renewal lease, you will receive instructions on how to get started and how to create an Onboard account.

Enrolled residents should follow the setup instructions provided with the internet equipment and then call the Onboard dedicated support hotline at (813) 851-4238 to activate internet service and set up their TV service. Please allow up to 30 minutes to activate services with Onboard over the phone.

To report missing equipment, please contact the Onboard dedicated support hotline at (813) 851-4238 (Option 1).

What equipment is required?

Residents will be able to enjoy the Internet Package with the most up-to-date hardware, offering the highest available internet speed and HD video content.

Internet: An Invitation Homes modem & router are required for internet access. The new equipment will be shipped to your new home as part of the enrollment process. In some cases, equipment could already be in the home, plugged in, and ready for activation.

Video: Enrolled residents can enjoy 200+ channels immediately via the Spectrum TV app and an HD receiver (also known as a cable box). The Invitation Homes Internet Package includes up to two (2) HD receivers at no additional cost, which can be ordered by calling the Onboard dedicated support hotline at (813) 851-4238. Additional HD receivers can be ordered at an additional charge.

Additional equipment or upgraded services are billed directly to the resident by Spectrum.

For help ordering equipment or for other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Onboard support hotline at (813) 851-4238.

What other devices can I use with the Spectrum TV app?

Apple Devices: iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 12 or higher. You can check and update your iOS version by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Amazon Devices: All Kindle Fire models, including the new Kindle Fire HDX, are supported except for the first-generation Kindle Fire. Note: Go to Settings > Device > About and confirm your System Version does NOT start with 6. If it starts with 6, you have the first-generation Kindle Fire.

Android Devices: All tablets and phones running Android 5.0 or higher.

Xbox One: All versions of Xbox One.

Samsung Smart TV: Model years 2012 or higher.

Roku: A Roku 1, 2, 3 or 4 streaming player, Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Ultra streaming players or Roku Streaming Stick (excluding first and second-generation Roku devices).

Note: Spectrum TV App on Roku, Xbox One and Samsung Smart TV is intended for in-home live-streaming only. Performance may vary by device based on a variety of factors including the age of the device, firmware, individual device configuration and hardware.

Google Chromecast: All Google Chromecast devices.

I am an existing Spectrum customer, can I still enroll?

Yes! All eligible residents are invited to enroll. Once enrolled, Spectrum customers are shipped an Invitation Homes modem & router to replace their existing equipment. After completing the self-installation instructions that come with the new equipment, residents will need to call the Onboard dedicated support hotline at (813) 851-4238 to complete the transfer of service.

At that time, residents should request Spectrum to close their original, retail account and return the old internet equipment in accordance with Spectrum's instructions. Residents already using Spectrum HD receivers can continue to use them with Invitation Homes' offering.

I have a contract with a different service provider but want to enroll. What do I need to do?

Get started by enrolling in the package! Upon enrollment, your Invitation Homes modem & router will be shipped to your home with setup instructions.

If you have an existing contract with a different provider, you may also be eligible for cancellation fee reimbursement, which you can request on your Onboard resident dashboard during enrollment.

For help, please contact the Onboard dedicated support hotline (813) 851-4238 (Option 1).

What channels are included?

The Spectrum TV offering includes TV Basic, Select, Entertainment View and Sports View. View my available channels.

Can I add more channels or order additional HD receivers?

Yes! While most of the available channels from Spectrum are already included in the Invitation Homes lineup, there are options that can be added at an additional fee. Residents requiring extra HD receivers may also order them through Onboard.

Any additional services or upgrades will be billed separately by Spectrum.

For help getting started, upgrading your service or ordering equipment, please contact the Onboard dedicated support hotline at (813) 851-4238.

I am having an issue with my equipment. Should I contact my Invitation Homes leasing office?

The fastest way to resolve any internet or media issue is to contact the Onboard dedicated support hotline at (813) 851-4238. Residents should not call the Invitation Homes leasing office or Spectrum for issues regarding the Internet Package.

What will I need to do upon move-out?

The Spectrum modem & router provided are the property of Invitation Homes and should stay in the home when you move out. Any HD receivers and other leased Spectrum equipment (phone, DVR) should be returned to Spectrum in accordance with Spectrum's instructions. Additional move-out instructions are provided in your Onboard resident dashboard.

If you have more questions about what equipment to leave behind, please call the Onboard dedicated support hotline at: (813) 851-4238 (Option 1).

Can I opt out of the Internet Package?

Use of the service is always optional, but the fee is a mandatory element of the leasing agreement. If the home is located within the service are of our Internet Package, it will be equipped with high-speed internet, as well as access to 200+ TV channels and thousands of On Demand titles through the Spectrum TV app, at just $85 per month, a great value. This monthly fee will be required in your lease.

For help making the most of the available services, residents are encouraged to contact the Onboard dedicated support hotline at (813) 851-4238.

I have other questions, who should I talk to?

A dedicated Onboard support team is available to answer all your questions! Chat with our partner Onboard live or give us a call/text at +1 (813) 851-4238.

I am enrolled in a Housing Assistance Program (HAP). Am I eligible for or required to enroll in the internet package?

No, all residents who are enrolled in a HAP contract/local voucher program are exempted from enrolling in the Invitation Homes Internet Package program. 

I am a current Invitation Homes resident in California and want to enroll in the Invitation Homes Internet Package program.

If you are an Invitation Homes resident in California, you cannot enroll in the Invitation Homes Internet Package program because the Tenant Protection Act in California prevents Invitation Homes from offering our internet package to California residents who are in the middle of their lease. The good news is that when you renew your lease, you will be automatically enrolled and enjoy all the benefits of the internet package.