Security deposit guide

To maximize your security deposit return, check the detailed list below and clean, repair, or replace items that may cause deductions. Low cost covers minor repairs; high cost applies to major damage.
Cleaning deductions

Cleaning deductions

Cleaning Deductions Costs
Repair deductions

Repair deductions

Repair Deductions costs
Replacement deductions

Replacement deductions

Repainting deductions

Repainting deductions

Cost table for Repainting Deductions:
Repainting and wall repair Low cost = $0.50 per sq. ft.
High cost = S1.75 sq. ft.
I. Set a move out date & provide written notice
  • Once you set your move out date, contact your Renewal Coordinator, who will walk you through the process of submitting your notice to vacate. Once your notice is submitted, we’ll schedule your Pre-Move Out Visit.

  • Submit a written notice to vacate at least 60 days before your lease end date (30 days for Seattle).

  • Complete the Notice to Vacate form provided by your Renewal Coordinator and include a signature on your notice for every resident on your lease.

II. Do a general deep cleaning
  • Make sure your home looks like it did when you moved in. Our team made sure your home was clean from floor to ceiling and that your systems were in working order.

  • Kitchens – Clean all surfaces, including cabinets, countertops, sinks, etc.

  • Bathrooms – Clean all surfaces, including sinks, tubs, toilets, bathtub surrounds, etc.

  • Appliances – Emptied, clean, and free of damage, such as broken parts.

  • Ensure all personal property, furniture, and trash is removed from the home.

  • If you have pets, please eliminate pet odors and repair damage caused by pets.

III. Check and clean walls, windows, and floors
  • Walls, doors, and trim – Wipe down all surfaces and ensure they are undamaged. Any painting should be corner to corner or done by a professional. Improper painting or patching could cause a deposit deduction.

  • Carpet – Have the carpet professionally cleaned and confirm that all stains are removed. Please leave a copy of your receipt in the home.

  • Other flooring surfaces – Ensure that all other flooring (tile, laminate, wood, vinyl, etc.) is clean and free of any discoloration or residue.

  • Make sure all hardware is still in place and functional, including doorknobs, blinds, shower rods, door stops, towel bars, closet door guides, etc.

IV. Maintain the outside of your home
  • Driveways – Leave driveways and garages free of oil stains. If necessary, have your driveway power-washed.

  • Landscaping – Make sure the landscape is well-maintained. Let the pros at TaskEasy take care of this step for you with a one-time lawn mowing service. Schedule a final lawn service today .

  • Have the lawn mowed, edged, and weed controlled.

  • Cover flower beds with mulch to protect from weeds.

  • Don’t forget to trim trees (up to 10 feet high), hedges, and shrubs to be one foot away from the home.

  • Pest Control – Ensure pest control service has been scheduled within the last three months of residency. Use your resident discount from our partners at Terminix. Schedule a final visit today.

  • Pools – If applicable, ensure that any pool alarms and provided equipment are still in place and functioning properly. Verify that all gates, pool fences, and other access points to the pool are closed.

  • Home Exterior – If your home had window screens at the start of your lease, make sure they’re in good condition. If you had a satellite dish mounted, please have it professionally removed.

V. Do a final check
  • On move out day, take a final walk through your home to make sure you’ve taken all your belongings and left the home clean and clear. Make sure you don’t leave behind any boxes, trash, paper, or other items.

  • Leave all garage remotes on the kitchen countertop.

  • Install new HVAC air filters .

  • Replace any light bulbs that are not working.

  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors and Smart Home equipment, if needed.

  • Release ownership of your Ring doorbell back to Invitation Homes using the Ring app. Read this easy guide. 

  • Ensure all personal property, furniture, and trash is removed from the home.

  • Place your house keys in the lock box provided at your Pre-Move Out Visit.

VI. Plan ahead to make your move easy

Forward your mail
Arrange via usps.com  to have your mail forwarded on to your new address.

Cancel utilities & services
Make sure you have canceled all services (internet, electricity, cable, etc.) before you move.

Schedule movers ahead of time
Use a reputable moving service or ask someone to help you with your move.

Organize and label your boxes
Before you start packing, make sure you have tape, boxes, packing paper, markers, and labels.