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Don't worry if you left the light on.

Enjoy clean energy savings and lower your carbon footprint.

Keep using your most convenient devices however you see fit with clean energy straight from the sun.

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How it works

Residents with solar-powered homes can use the sun to run their electronic devices during the day. But the solar energy you don’t use won’t be stored for later use.  

Your city’s standard electric grid kicks in when the sun goes down.

A woman plugging in an EV charging cable to her car

Home monitoring, electric vehicle (EV) charging

Track your energy usage with a home energy monitoring system. Just download the Emporia app. The monitor measures how much power your devices use and reveals opportunities to make your home more energy efficient.

Your home also comes with an electric vehicle (EV) compatible outlet so you can install your own EV charging station. Empower yourself to take your energy savings on the road.²

Solar energy frequently asked questions

If I rent a solar-powered home, how would it work?

Solar panels installed on the rooftop of your home absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity through a process called photovoltaic (PV) technology. The panels contain solar cells that generate direct current electricity when exposed to sunlight. An inverter converts this electricity to make it usable inside your home.

How does having solar energy in my Invitation Homes house benefit me?

Solar energy is a clean, renewable and sustainable choice for renters. Because Invitation Homes installed your system, you can use solar power to reduce your carbon footprint without paying expensive upfront costs. Additionally, solar energy can help stabilize your electricity costs over time, making your energy bill more predictable and potentially lower.

How does solar reduce electric bills when the sun isn’t shining?

During sunny days, your solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, which directly powers your home's electrical appliances and systems. Any excess electricity generated beyond your immediate needs will not be stored or sent to the traditional electric grid. But during sunny periods, you won’t need to rely on the grid, which could translate into savings on your electric bill.

Is maintenance required for the solar system, and who is responsible?

Yes, some maintenance is required for a solar system, but it’s all handled by Invitation Homes. We even clean the solar panels. Routine maintenance ensures optimal performance of the solar system. Please report any issues promptly; our friendly pros will handle the repairs.

How will Invitation Homes monitor the solar system? Can I monitor the system, too?

Invitation Homes monitors the solar system through home energy monitoring technology that tracks the solar system's performance. These systems provide real-time data on energy production, allowing us to identify any issues promptly, including drops in solar energy production. You can also see that data when you download the Emporía app.

How were my potential bill savings determined?

We determined your potential electric bill savings[QC1] by matching the average annual home electricity consumption for the Inland Empire to the available Southern California Edison (SCE) utility electric rate. Costs were modeled based on the time-of-use rate, and savings were determined by calculating the difference between pre-solar and post-solar electricity consumption. Savings aren’t guaranteed and will vary based on a resident’s consumption and the weather.

Why did Invitation Homes add energy monitoring and EV charging functionality to my home?

Invitation Homes added home energy monitoring and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging functionality to your home for your convenience – it’s part of our worry-free leasing lifestyle. We also wanted to empower you to actively participate in energy management and contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective living environment.

What is whole home energy monitoring, and how does it benefit renters?

Whole home energy monitoring is a way to track and analyze your energy consumption in detail. We made it possible by installing technology inside your breaker box that measures the energy output of each circuit in your home. This technology helps you understand where your energy is used most and make informed decisions to reduce costs.

What are the advantages of having an EV charger in a rented home?

If you purchase an electric vehicle (EV) charging cable for your home, you can charge your EV conveniently whenever you want. You won’t have to rely solely on public charging stations. This can save you time and money. Feel free to charge your EV overnight at home.

Who maintains the energy monitoring system?

Invitation Homes would typically be responsible for maintaining the energy monitoring system. The equipment isn't expected to have any issues. However, you should promptly report concerns; our friendly pros will handle the repairs.