How to fulfill our insurance requirements

Use our preferred provider.

Get a ResidentShield liability policy:

ResidentShield has policies that meet our personal liability requirements for insurance coverage.

Get all your stuff covered by ResidentShield:

You will get your personal property covered from a reliable company.

Choose your insurance.

You must have $100,000 personal liability and dog bite coverage:

Covers injuries and damages to other people and their property. You must ask to add dog bite coverage.

You may choose to add personal property coverage:

Covers your property in case of fire, theft, vandalism, bad weather, etc.

We’ll sign you up.

Automatic Home Liability enrollment:

If you don’t purchase a policy, you’ll be charged monthly for a Home Liability policy.

Your belongings won’t be covered:

Your insurance coverage won’t include personal property.

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Home Liability coverage

Covers damage to the home

Could help pay medical bills if someone is injured at your home

No coverage for your personal property

If you have a dog, you must add $100,000 dog bite liability insurance

ResidentShield® is our preferred provider.

Use ResidentShield for your renters insurance and you’ll be pre-approved as a current or future resident. Plus, your policy will be automatically delivered to our leasing office, so you won’t have to send proof of insurance.

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Renters insurance frequently asked questions

What are my renters insurance coverage requirements?

You are required to carry an active personal liability policy that includes a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage - and $100,000 for dog bite liability insurance, if applicable - in accordance with your lease, from an insurance carrier with an AM Best rating of A-VII or better. Liability insurance does not cover your personal items - we strongly encourage you to purchase a renters insurance policy that includes coverage for your personal belongings.

For dog bite liability insurance, if your carrier excludes coverage for any dog at the residence, you must obtain a separate, stand-alone dog bite liability insurance policy with at least $100,000 in liability coverage for each excluded dog.

How do I purchase a ResidentShield policy?

You can easily contact ResidentShield at (800) 566-1186 or visit their website at ResidentShield.com/InvitationHomes . If you purchase coverage with ResidentShield, your policy will be automatically delivered to our leasing office, so you won’t have to send proof of insurance.

What if I already have a ResidentShield policy?

Existing ResidentShield renters insurance policy holders should submit their proof of insurance via email to [email protected] .

What's the best way to communicate with ResidentShield?

Feel free to email [email protected]  with any questions regarding your ResidentShield insurance coverage.

Can I choose any insurance carrier I want?

Of course. While we suggest ResidentShield for your benefit, you are welcome to go with insurance carrier of your choice. Please make sure you send the declaration page to the compliance team at [email protected] .

What should I look for in a policy?

We strongly encourage you to purchase a renters insurance policy that includes coverage for your personal belongings in addition to the $100,000 of required liability coverage.

Do I need to send proof of insurance to Invitation Homes?

If you choose not to purchase insurance from ResidentShield, you must submit proof of insurance to [email protected] . A courtesy copy (“cc”) should also be provided to the Leasing Agent (for New Move-Ins) or the Renewal Coordinator (for Renewals).

Exactly what policy information do I need to send?

For proof of insurance, you must submit your renters insurance policy declaration page (or pages) that contain the following information to [email protected] :

  • Insured Name (the Resident's name)

  • Insured Address (including unit number, if applicable)

  • Insurance Carrier (or insurance agency) name and contact information

  • Policy Term (dates of coverage)

  • Liability limit equal to or greater than $100,000

  • Interested Party: Invitation Homes Inc., PO Box 3687, Coppell, TX 75019

How will I know Invitation Homes has successfully received my proof of insurance?

Our compliance team will send you an automatic reply. Please remember that this only means the insurance was submitted – not that the insurance is satisfactory. If your coverage is found to be insufficient, we’ll email you. 

How quickly will my proof of insurance get uploaded to the system?

Your proof of insurance is typically uploaded to our Renters Insurance database within 48 hours (two business days from date received, excluding holidays).

Can I combine two $50,000 insurance policies to satisfy the $100,000 policy limit?

No. Your home must have at least one renters policy limit of $100,000 or higher.

What if I change my policy?

It’s your responsibility to have an active renters insurance policy during the entire lease term and to notify us of any changes to policy terms and conditions. Changes should be sent via email to our compliance team at [email protected] .

What happens if I don't buy renters insurance?

If our records show you don’t have an active renters insurance policy with a minimum of $100,000 of liability coverage, you’ll be enrolled in the Invitation Homes Liability-Only policy and will be charged a recurring fee of $15.50 each month. Be aware that this policy only covers damage to Invitation Homes’ property and doesn’t insure your personal belongings.