Pool maintenance

To keep your pool clean and functional, please follow the maintenance requirements below:
What is most important aspect of keeping a pool clean and functional?

The water pump is the most important aspect of your pool maintenance. Running the pump helps filter the water to expel dirt and debris. Be sure to let the pump run during the times set by your pool service provider, which typically averages 8 hours per day. Find out more about your pool service.

Do I need to keep the pool at a specific water level?

Yes, it is critical to the health of the pool (including the pool equipment) that water be maintained at the midpoint of the pool skimmer basket inlet. This provides a pathway for water to flow to the filter where it is cleaned. Maintaining appropriate water levels is important to prevent your pool equipment from breaking down. Your pool service provider can also advise you on the appropriate water levels to maintain. Find out more about your pool service.

Should I set up a pool vacuum?

Yes, a pool vacuum makes it easier to clean the pool floor, by suctioning up the dirt that can collect at the bottom of the pool.  Of course, this is not necessary if your pool is equipped with self-cleaning features. Find out more about your pool service.

How do I keep leaves and floating debris out of my pool?

Use a net skimmer. Run the net skimmer across the top of the water to collect the debris inside the net and then dispose of it properly. Find out more about your pool service.

How often should I skim, brush, and vacuum my pool?

Vacuum your pool at least once a week. Use the net skimmer and brush whenever there is noticeable debris floating in the water, and brush pool surfaces to help the filtration system filter out finer dust or algae particles. Find out more about your pool service.

What should I do with toys and floatables when not in the pool?

Keep any toys and floatables out of the pool and secure them in a safe storage space while the pool is not in use. Find out more about your pool service.

Can I let my pet (e.g. dog) swim in the pool?

No, it is strongly encouraged that pets not be allowed to swim in the pool to ensure water cleanliness and pet safety. Find out more about your pool service.

Should I fix the pool and pool equipment if it breaks?

No, please promptly contact your local Invitation Homes maintenance team and they will address any issues. This includes the pool and any safety features, such as self-closing and self-latching gates. Find out more about your pool service.

How do I submit a pool-related service request?

Visit the maintenance portal  to:

  • Request services.

  • View your scheduled services.

  • Communicate with the service teams.

  • Watch how-to home maintenance videos.

  • If you have any feedback or concerns, you’re invited to email us at [email protected] .

Pool service

Regularly scheduled pool maintenance will be conducted by our pool service provider. Please follow these instructions to ensure effective, hassle-free pool service:
Why is weekly service required?

Weekly service is critical for the upkeep of a pool. It maintains proper chemical levels in the pool and helps prevent equipment malfunctions. Service visits are even vital during off-season months when scheduling may shift to a bi-weekly basis. Find out more about your pool service.

How do I prepare for pool maintenance service?

Before the pool service provider arrives for maintenance on the scheduled day, please have these steps completed:

  • Leave your backyard and pool gates unlocked for the day of service.

  • Secure your pets for the day of service.

  • Make sure your pool is clear and free of all floatables, toys and debris.

Find out more about your pool service.