Do you allow pets?

Yes – we love your pets and your pets are going to love your new home, yard and neighborhood. All pets are subject to approval, of course.  

Do I need to register my pet?

Yes, up to 3 cats and dogs are welcome with a $325 initial fee per pet (or deposit, depending on local laws) and up to $40 additional monthly pet rent for each pet as permitted by applicable law. Fees and service availability may vary by location or home. Pet fees and/or deposits and pet rent will be charged for dogs and cats only. Other animal types are welcome without a fee or pet rent, subject to Invitation Homes’ animal restrictions. 

Fees, deposits, pet rent, and additional insurance are not required for authorized service, assistance, or companion animals. As a safety precaution, Invitation Homes does not accept American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Staffordshire Terriers, or any dog that is a mix of these breeds – among other restricted breeds. For more information on restricted breeds, read our qualification requirements .

What are Invitation Homes' dog breed restrictions?

Restricted dog breeds include American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Staffordshire Terriers, and any dog that has a percentage or mix of any of those breeds. Any canines other than domestic dogs are not permitted, such as wolves, coyotes, dingoes, jackals, etc., along with any canine or wolf hybrids. For example, a Husky Wolf or Timber Wolf mix is not permitted. 

Why is there a limit on the number of pets per home?

Our policy is to allow no more than 3 pets inside homes that allow animals. Read more about our pet requirements.  

What documentation is required to request my pet be treated as a service animal?

Before you move in, you must notify us that you are bringing a service animal through our 3rd party pet screening and review process. Next, fill out the Invitation Homes Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Request Form and Disability Verification Form and take the Disability Verification Form to your healthcare provider to verify the statements at the end of the form. Invitation Homes may request additional information to evaluate the request. 

Where can I access the Invitation Homes Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Request Form?

We will send the Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Request Form to applicants who disclose their ownership of a service animal in their application.  

Do you have recommendations for who to get Dog Bite Insurance from?

Invitation Homes recommends residents use ResidentShield, our preferred renters insurance provider. Generally, dog bites are covered in a renters insurance policy. If your carrier excludes coverage for any dog at the residence, you must obtain a separate, stand-alone dog bite liability insurance policy with at least $100,000 in liability coverage for each excluded dog. Read more on our Renters insurance page.   

What do I need to know about renting a house as a pet owner?

Invitation Homes has several rules and requirements for pet owners who lease our homes. Please visit our Pet-friendly homes page to find more information.   

Am I required to make a PetScreening account to be approved for a lease?

We require the primary leaseholder on applications submitted in Atlanta, North and South Carolina, and South Florida to create a pet screening account. 

If I don’t have a pet, do I still need to complete the pet screening process?

Yes, even if you don’t have a pet, you must complete the PetScreening process. Applicants without pets should select the "no pet" profile option on petscreening.com and answer all questions to confirm they are not bringing pets into the home. 

What if I already have a PetScreening account?

If you have an existing PetScreening account, use the unique household ID from your Invitation Homes application approval email. Next, paste your household ID into your account on petscreening.com to link your existing pet profiles with your application.

Is PetScreening required for emotional support or assistance animals?

Yes, you must create a PetScreening profile for an emotional support (ESAs) or assistance animal.  Requests must be processed through petscreening.com, which will handle the request and authentication.

Can I move into the home before my accommodation request for an ESA or assistance animal is approved?

Yes, you can move into the home before your accommodation request for an emotional support (ESA) or assistance animal is approved. The move-in process can be expedited by temporarily adding an animal as a pet until the accommodation request is approved. Any lease changes due to the later approval of the request will be reimbursed. 

Is there a fee for PetScreening?

There is a fee for screening household pets, per animal, up to the maximum allowed by Invitation Homes' pet policy. However, there are no fees charged by PetScreening or Invitation Homes for approved emotional support (ESAs) or assistance animals.

How do I make changes or updates to my PetScreening profile(s) after I’ve signed the lease?

If you need to update the status of the pet(s) in your household after signing the lease, visit petscreening.com to add or remove a pet. Making changes on petscreening.com will notify Invitation Homes of the necessary updates to your lease and charges.


What is most important aspect of keeping a pool clean and functional?

The water pump is the most important aspect of your pool maintenance. Running the pump helps filter the water to expel dirt and debris. Be sure to let the pump run during the times set by your pool service provider, which typically averages 8 hours per day. Find out more about your pool service.

Should I fix the pool and pool equipment if it breaks?

No, please promptly contact your local Invitation Homes maintenance team and they will address any issues. This includes the pool and any safety features, such as self-closing and self-latching gates. Find out more about your pool service.

How do I submit a pool-related service request?

Visit the maintenance portal  to:

  • Request services.

  • View your scheduled services.

  • Communicate with the service teams.

  • Watch how-to home maintenance videos.

  • If you have any feedback or concerns, you’re invited to email us at [email protected] .

How do I prepare for pool maintenance service?

Before the pool service provider arrives for maintenance on the scheduled day, please have these steps completed:

  • Leave your backyard and pool gates unlocked for the day of service.

  • Secure your pets for the day of service.

  • Make sure your pool is clear and free of all floatables, toys and debris.

Find out more about your pool service.

Why is weekly service required?

Weekly service is critical for the upkeep of a pool. It maintains proper chemical levels in the pool and helps prevent equipment malfunctions. Service visits are even vital during off-season months when scheduling may shift to a bi-weekly basis. Find out more about your pool service.

If I have a pool at my home, can I do maintenance myself and not have to pay the $120 monthly maintenance fee?

No, pools must be maintained by Invitation Homes trained professionals. Please promptly contact your local Invitation Homes maintenance team to resolve any pool-related issues. Please do the same for any safety features, such as self-closing and self-latching gates. 

What are basic pool-side safety instructions?
  • Walk, don’t run, when on the pool deck or surrounding patio areas to avoid falling and injury.

  • Use sunscreen of at least 30 SPF to avoid skin damage and burns.

  • Know the water depth before using the pool or jumping into the water. Do not dive into the pool.

  • Use a life jacket for anyone unable to swim confidently.

Find out more about your pool service.

What are the hot tub safety instructions?
  • Hot tubs should not be heated above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Check the temperature before entering the water.

  • Pregnant women and young children should not use the hot tub.

  • Consult a physician before using the hot tub if you have a history of heart disease, circulatory problems, diabetes, or blood pressure problems.

Find out more about your pool service.

Does the pool need to be supervised while in use?

Yes, if anyone under the age of 14 is in or near the water, an adult should be present for active supervision. Find out more about your pool service.

Do guests and other members of my family need to know pool safety rules?

Yes, if your pool is being used by anyone, whether they be friends, family, or children, they should know the basic pool safety rules. Find out more about your pool service.

Who should I call in case of an emergency?

If you have any kind of emergency, please dial 911 and request help from your local authorities. Find out more about your pool service.

Should I know CPR?

We highly advise that at least 1 person present, while the pool is in use, be familiar with CPR. Find out more about your pool service.

What is the additional pool safety equipment for?

Additional pool safety equipment, such as fences, gates, locks, alarms and drain covers, are provided for your safety. Please do not tamper with, modify or disable any of these items, and only use lifesaving equipment in case of emergency. Find out more about your pool service.

What if my pool does not have a fence or enclosed backyard?

Immediately contact your local Invitation Homes team and we will address the issue. All pools must be enclosed by a secondary fence or backyard perimeter fence. Fences and gates need to remain closed at all times. They should not be propped open, nor should anything be leaned against them that may allow anyone to climb over. Find out more about your pool service.

Do I need to keep access gates closed?

Yes, all access points to the swimming pool should remain closed at all times. This is for the safety of everyone (especially children) who  may be at an increased risk for pool-related accidents. Find out more about your pool service.

Am I responsible for my pool door alarm?

Yes, if you have an alarm, make sure it is working properly. If it’s not working, replace the batteries. If the alarm does not work after replacing batteries, please submit a service request through the maintenance portal. Find out more about your pool service.

Should I stay away from the drains?

Yes, every person on the property should stay away from the drains at all times. Find out more about your pool service.

Should drains and drain covers be left alone?

Yes, please stay clear of drains and drain covers to ensure the pool maintains the proper water level. Find out more about your pool service.

Do I need to keep the pool at a specific water level?

Yes, it is critical to the health of the pool (including the pool equipment) that water be maintained at the midpoint of the pool skimmer basket inlet. This provides a pathway for water to flow to the filter where it is cleaned. Maintaining appropriate water levels is important to prevent your pool equipment from breaking down. Your pool service provider can also advise you on the appropriate water levels to maintain. Find out more about your pool service.

Should I set up a pool vacuum?

Yes, a pool vacuum makes it easier to clean the pool floor, by suctioning up the dirt that can collect at the bottom of the pool.  Of course, this is not necessary if your pool is equipped with self-cleaning features. Find out more about your pool service.

How do I keep leaves and floating debris out of my pool?

Use a net skimmer. Run the net skimmer across the top of the water to collect the debris inside the net and then dispose of it properly. Find out more about your pool service.

How often should I skim, brush, and vacuum my pool?

Vacuum your pool at least once a week. Use the net skimmer and brush whenever there is noticeable debris floating in the water, and brush pool surfaces to help the filtration system filter out finer dust or algae particles. Find out more about your pool service.

What should I do with toys and floatables when not in the pool?

Keep any toys and floatables out of the pool and secure them in a safe storage space while the pool is not in use. Find out more about your pool service.

Can I let my pet (e.g. dog) swim in the pool?

No, it is strongly encouraged that pets not be allowed to swim in the pool to ensure water cleanliness and pet safety. Find out more about your pool service.

What are the pros and cons of renting a house with a pool?

There are several pros and cons to renting a home with a pool. Having a pool offers you more opportunities for fun during the warm months, but pools can also be more expensive. Please see our pools page.   


Interested in partnering with Invitation Homes?

To become a vendor with Invitation Homes, please visit the contact us page  to submit a form on the other inquiries drop-down menu. Select a location and the appropriate new vendor topic and include your information including company name, website, and type of business.

Are there other requirements to become a vendor partner?

Our partners are expected to comply with industry-standard requirements including:

  • Proof of Insurance (General Liability, Commercial Auto, Umbrella and Worker’s Compensation)

  • Criminal & Sex Offender background check on Principal of company

  • Government watchlist review (OFAC, Money Laundering, and FBI & Terrorist watchlist)

  • W-9

  • State/County License(s) if applicable

  • Signed Vendor Agreement

  • Signed Vendor Code of Conduct

  • If applicable, share Supplier Diversity certification including, but not limited to Minority Business Enterprise (“MBE”), Women Business Enterprise (“WBE”), and Service-Disabled Veteran (“SDV”)

Please note: We partner with 3rd party companies specializing in vendor compliance to make sure initial requirements are met and to track expiration dates (so everything stays current).

What do we expect?

We’re the best at what we do, so we only want to partner with the best. Our Vendor Code of Conduct  highlights our commitment to ethical business practices and regulatory compliance and reflects our core company values.

What's in our Vendor Code of Conduct?

All vendor partners are responsible for educating their representatives to ensure they understand and comply with these important parts of our Code of Conduct:

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Ethical business practices

  • Associate background checks

  • Environmental health & safety

  • Labor & human rights

  • Financial responsibility

I am a vendor. What is the status of my payment?

Thank you for being a vendor partner with Invitation Homes! To check on the status of your payment please email [email protected] .


Who is my emergency contact when issues arise with a vacant property?

Please use our Contact Us page to discuss issues that may arise with a vacant Invitation Homes property.

How can I request a rental verification?

You can request rental verification by submitting a request through our Contact us page. 

As a neighbor to an Invitation Home property on a zero-lot line, how can I discuss maintenance projects on our shared property line with an authorized representative?

Please use our Contact Us page to reach an Invitation Homes representative who is authorized to discuss maintenance projects on a shared property line.  

How often do you check in on your tenants?

We send ProCare maintenance technicians to our residents’ homes to conduct a proactive maintenance visit every 6 months. Read more about ProCare.   

Why am I receiving a survey?

Invitation Homes sends out surveys at multiple points in the year to gather information to better serve our residents. Our vision is to continuously enhance our residents’ experience and gathering feedback on our work helps us do that. 

How can I find my payment history or account statements?

You can find your payment history and account statements by logging into the Invitation Homes payment portal. 

What websites do you list your properties on?

You can find Invitation Homes listings on our website, and several 3rd party listing services including Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads and Realtor.com.