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Social responsibility

We believe that delivering strong financial results while also contributing in a positive way to all of our stakeholders is the definition of true success. We strive to provide a work environment that attracts, develops, and retains top talent by creating an engaging work experience with opportunities for development. Further, our engagement with residents, community members, vendors, and others help build strong connections that benefit our communities.

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Associates are the backbone of our company. Nothing happens without the day-to-day dedication of our invaluable associates. Whether they are a front-line ambassador who represents us each and every day with our residents or a back-of-the-house support team member who ensures we continue to move forward, our associates are our greatest asset. From our focus on associates’ well-being, health, and safety to our support for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture, we treat each other fairly and act with honesty, integrity, and respect.

Additionally, our company’s workplace wellness initiatives, such as health and wellness services, promote a healthy company culture and demonstrate managerial support for associates’ physical and emotional well-being. Invitation Homes is committed to associate health and welfare by providing a competitive benefits package, including health, dental, vision, term life, and disability insurance. Furthermore, we put the safety of our associates at the forefront of everything we do and as such have established a national safety committee that provides direction, resources, and monthly awareness and education initiatives to associates.

Diversity and inclusion

Stance on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) 
We recognize that diversity encompasses a wide range of characteristics, including cognitive perspectives, education, life experiences, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.  At Invitation Homes, we believe in creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture where any person can thrive. We are committed to fostering an environment where every associate feels a sense of belonging.  By empowering our associates, they can reach their maximum potential. In 2021, Invitation Homes’ CEO Dallas Tanner signed the
CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion TM pledge, joining nearly 2,000 companies committed to furthering conversations and actions around diversity and inclusion. For us, this means committing to four goals we believe will catalyze further conversations and actions around diversity and inclusion within the workplace:  Cultivate trusting workplaces that can have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations.  

  1. Implement and/or expand unconscious bias education.  

  2. Share best – and unsuccessful – practices.  

  3. Create and share strategic inclusion and diversity plans with board of directors. 

Why DEI matters to us 
Our DEI stance contributes to our overall business strategy and serves as a catalyst for retaining our associates, recruiting, and developing diverse talent, and building beneficial business relationships with key stakeholders.  This business imperative will help us increase our diverse workforce, retain and upskill our talent, and enhance our company’s culture. In turn, this will progress our standing as an employer of choice and the nation’s premier home leasing company. 

We care about our associates 
We invest in our associates through listening, training, and support.  Examples include: 

  • Leadership Essentials training (includes Unconscious Bias module) 

  • Genuine Care calls (open dialogue with associates on DEI)  

  • Safe Space Calls (open dialogue with associates on key topics) 

  • Our Family. Your Voice. continuous listening tool for associate feedback 

  • Inclusive onboarding experience 

  • Employee Resource Group engagement 

Building bridges of belonging 
At Invitation Homes, we have six Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)  – Together with Women, The Black Collective, Open Invitation, Juntos, GenNEXT, and Asian Alliance. The ERGs are inclusive and open to all associates, and host events geared toward personal and professional growth, education, and community. 

Equal Employment Opportunity Report (EEO–1)

 At Invitation Homes, we believe in creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture where any person can thrive. Read our Equal Employment Opportunity Report (EEO–1)  to see the breakdown of our associates as of December 31, 2022. 

Engagement and development

Investing in associates through training and development 
Each year, we conduct an annual compliance training campaign.  Associates complete assigned e-learning modules that highlight important sections of our Code of Business Conduct and Associate Handbook. Associates complete courses on anti-harassment, ethics and fair dealing, fair housing principles, cybersecurity and information security, emergency preparedness, among others. We offer more than 900 online learning and development videos designed to help associates build their skills. 

We are committed to accelerating the development of our leaders through various programs such as our Leadership Essentials program, which is designed to build capable and confident leaders that can lead and inspire a diverse workforce in an ever-changing environment. As part of our Leadership Essentials training and our commitment to DEI, we include both DEI and Awareness of Unconscious Bias training for our leaders. This commitment to leadership development resulted in Invitation Homes being recognized in 2021 as the Best Company in Leadership by Comparably. 

Associate surveys 
We value continuous dialogue with our associates. We launched our continuous listening associate survey tool,
Our Family. Your Voice. in 2020. Each month, we email a link to all associates where they can score the company on various topics and provide written comments. The results for each team are then shared anonymously with the team’s leader who is then able to discuss the results/comments with their team.  The survey series features a broad selection of questions that cover how associates feel about our company culture, how they’re managed, and the direction of the company as a whole.  Associate feedback directly affects decisions made by our leadership.

Wellness and benefits

Compensation and benefits 
Attracting, developing, and retaining the best people is crucial to all aspects of Invitation Homes’ business and is central to our long-term success. We structure our total rewards and benefits package to attract and retain a talented and engaged workforce. In early 2021, we established and rolled out a compensation structure to provide consistency, clarity, and transparency around compensation and how each associate’s role fits into the broader organization. We continue to evolve our programs to meet our associates’ needs, providing comprehensive wellbeing, financial, and quality of life coverage. This commitment to provide competitive compensation and benefits to our associates resulted in Invitation Homes being recognized in 2021 as Best Company Perks & Benefits by Comparably.  

Associate wellness 
In 2020, we assessed our current benefits offerings, which included an evaluation of our current state of wellbeing, recommendations to guide and enhance our current offerings, and a review of the archive of tools, resources, and trainings available through our vendor. As a result, we’ve created a three-year plan to add comprehensive components of mental health services, physical health programs, and financial literacy education to round out our associate wellness offerings. We also hired a dedicated wellness professional who works to provide learning opportunities around mental, physical, and financial health for our associates.  Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is free for our associates and everyone in their household. EAP offers a variety of services to help associates manage: 

  • Depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health needs 

  • Substance abuse 

  • Relationship issues 

  • Parenting and family issues 

  • Living with chronic conditions 

  • Child and elder care 

  • Financial wellness 

Workplace safety

Enhancing workplace safety 
Invitation Homes is dedicated to continued excellence in protecting the health and safety of our associates.  Therefore, we created the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) to create, build, and establish safety in every aspect of our business. Our Safety Committee meets regularly to review safety policies and develop and distribute educational tools for associates. 

Invitation Homes leases and manages a fleet of several hundred vehicles, including vans, trucks, and sedans that are used by field-based associates to facilitate travel necessary to perform core business functions, including home maintenance, rehabs and turns, and leasing. In concert with the Invitation Homes’ Vehicle Use Policy, we’ve developed a formal Fleet Vehicle Safety Program to improve driver safety and reduce enterprise risk associated with driver behavior and habits. 

Proper maintenance of our fleet vehicles is another important safety precaution. As a result, all our fleet vehicles receive regularly scheduled maintenance following manufacturer recommendations.

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We recognize that the vitality of our business is directly linked to the vitality of the communities in which we operate. We invest in upfront renovations of our homes and maintain them to high standards through timely maintenance services. We believe that these investments benefit our communities by creating jobs, enhancing neighborhood appearance and livability, and improving the overall quality of life for our residents and their neighbors. In addition, we believe such investments improve our relationships with local communities and homeowners’ associations.

To promote these relationships, we encourage our associates to be good neighbors in their respective communities by partnering with local organizations to provide support to those in need. We’re actively engaged in a broad range of community and philanthropic activities in our markets, contributing funds nationwide and encouraging our associates to be active in their communities by providing each of them 20 hours of paid volunteer time each year.

Being a good neighbor

We’re a long-term investor in each of the markets where we operate. We hire locally, employing approximately 1,500 hard-working full-time associates and contracting with thousands of professional service vendors nationwide.  We take good care of our homes, increasing the value of nearby houses and neighborhoods.  In 2023, the company paid approximately $411 million in state and local taxes; money that was invested back into local schools, roads, and social services.  We encourage each of our associates to be active in their communities with 20 hours of paid volunteer time. To see our 2023 impact in each of our 16 markets, view our community impact fact sheets

Community engagement

We believe our values of Genuine Care and Standout Citizenship should extend beyond the walls of our offices and drive our desire to be a good neighbor in each of our communities. As one of our four values, Standout Citizenship is in our DNA. That’s why we encourage our associates to spend time partnering with local organizations to provide support to those in need in their communities. 

While we have a companywide mantra of “go do good,” much of our community engagement is locally driven.  We believe in empowering our associates to make an impact in the communities where they work and reside by partnering with local organizations to provide support to those in need.

Skilled trades initiative

Our Invitation to Skill Up program encourages students to pursue high-demand and well-paid jobs in the skilled trades and provides job-readiness training to help close the skills gap and broaden access to career opportunities in fields that directly impact our business. We have partnered with four schools in California, Florida, Washington, and North Carolina, with plans to expand to schools across all 16 of our markets over the next several years. By providing funding to trade schools across our network, we can directly help people learn trade skills. At the same time, we seek to educate business partners and the general public about the skills gap and to shift perceptions about trade careers. 

Invitation to Skill Up seeks to broaden access to essential jobs for diverse students who are pursuing careers in skilled trades fields, help families move toward meaningful employment and financial security, and serve as an economic driver in our markets.

Green Spaces initiative

Our Green Spaces initiative seeks to bring residents, associates, and partners together to expand conservation efforts in our markets.  The initiative began with a three-year partnership with the Hawes Trail Alliance (HTA) in Arizona, in which Invitation Homes provides $50,000 a year in addition to volunteerism to support the HTA Master Trail Plan and ensure that Arizona’s outdoor spaces can be enjoyed by bikers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. 

Invitation Homes Community Impact for Orlando.

Community impact

As the nation’s premier home leasing and management company, Invitation Homes is proud to provide high- quality homes and an elevated living experience to the growing number of Americans who choose to rent versus own. We recognize that the vitality of our business is directly linked to the vitality of the communities in which we operate, and we are proud to present our 2023 impact on our core market communities.

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By offering quality homes in attractive neighborhoods, we give residents the choice to lease a home in a community that may not have otherwise been attainable. We strive to provide our residents with a worry-free leasing lifestyle through service that includes welcoming them with an in-person home orientation at move-in, making their lives easier with our Smart Home technology and other ancillary service offerings, providing 24/7 maintenance combined with our best-in-class ProCare property management platform, and surveying residents to ask for feedback that can help us make their experience even better. We have been successful at driving consistently high resident satisfaction by promoting a culture of Genuine Care, including through a formal recognition program and by linking all operational associates’ compensation to resident satisfaction.

Resident initiatives

Invitation Homes residents are overwhelmingly satisfied with and positive about their experience with our company.  More than 79 percent of our residents renewed their leases in 2021, which we believe is the ultimate scorecard of resident satisfaction.  Our average resident lives in their home for approximately three years, and on average in 2021, we maintained a 98 percent Same Store occupancy rate.  Maintaining consistent and transparent communication with our residents is a priority.  In the last few years, we have updated resources on our external website to promote transparency, including: 

  • A step-by-step guide  to our application process, including detailed qualification requirements , for potential residents. 

  • A detailed move-out guide  to inform residents of the steps to take when moving out of one of our homes, as well as tips on how to receive their full security deposit back. 

  • A detailed list of leasing fees to build awareness of the charges residents are met with for various services when they lease a home. 

We also believe it is important to listen to our residents, and we take their feedback to heart in our quest to continuously enhance the Genuine Care we provide.  We survey residents at each key step in their journey with Invitation Homes, such as at move-in and move-out, and after every interaction they have with an Invitation Homes associate or vendor.  We use this feedback to hold ourselves accountable, with 100% of our operational associates having a portion of their compensation tied directly to resident satisfaction survey scores.  We also use feedback from surveys and focus groups to help inform new service offerings and enhancements we make to the resident experience.  

In addition to our website and resident surveys, we engage with our residents through monthly resident newsletters, blog posts, and social media campaigns and contests. 

Resident newsletter – sent out the first day of each month, these digital newsletters feature leasing lifestyle recommendations, tips for making the most out of our homes and services, social media contest information, key dates, and important reminders. 

Blog posts – blog posts cover a variety of topics, from sustainability practices to outlining our business operations to highlighting our philanthropic endeavors across each market. 

Social media campaigns and contests – residents enjoy participating in social media contests across platforms, and we hold contests throughout the year.